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Getting Kids Reading

Thank you for sending in photos GeekMomMama and the Boys, and There’s a Book.  I can’t do this weekly Monday feature with your help, so please keep the photos coming.  My email address is


This is from There’s A Book, Sometimes There’s a Book That Can Transform A Child’s World.  I love the premise of her blog, please check it out!  And here is her son reading!

There's a Book, caught in the act of reading pragmatic mom


GeekMom did a great post on Raising boys Who Read and I cribbed this image from her post by Kelly B.

boy reading geek mom caught in the act of reading pragmaticmom


This is a really cool video from Mama and the Boys‘ son reading on Black Friday for the first time!  It’s so amazing to hear his excitement as he realizes he is actually reading.  Click here.


I finally caught my oldest reading while waiting at the orthodontist.  She is a fifth grader and is reading The Mysterious Benedictine Society which she is loving.

Me:  “What are you reading?”

Her:  “Oooh, this book is sooo good!”

Me:  “What is so mysterious about it?”

Her:  “Go away mom, I’m reading!”

Me:  “I’m just going to take your picture for my blog.  I need photos.”

Her:  “Stop it.  That’s enough pictures.  Go away.”

Ahh, the pre teen years are so fun!

caught in the act of reading pragmatic mom

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Twinmummy

    Just because I can’t help but to share, here are my kids (awhile back!) caught in the act of reading!

  2. Ahh…thank you so much for including my kiddo! It’s really so much fun and I’m always trying to snag photos.

  3. Mia

    Here are a few of my favorite library friends having fun reading.

    This one is a friend who stopped by our table at a local SweetBay Supermarket. He made a “Thankful Turkey” hat and one of the things that he wrote on a feather that he was thankful for was books. When he was done with the craft he started reading a turkey book to us. Love it!

    I’ll be back later with another picture or two. 🙂

    Btw, I love this idea!

    • Thank you so much! What a lovely story. When I resume my usual Monday post in two weeks, it will definitely go in! Thanks again for the cute picture and I look forward to the others!

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