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Mad Libs-Like Poem: What’s a Noun?

What’s a Noun? Learn with Mad Libs Poem!

What’s A Noun?

A Person, Place or Thing.

Author:  not sure but I suspect it’s a teacher at my elementary school.  I found this poem hanging up in the school hallway!

I wonder if it was a class exercise like a Mad Lib? That would be fun!

Hill is a noun.

Mill is a noun.

Even Uncle Phil is a noun.

Gown is a noun.

Crownis a noun.

In fact, our whole hometown is.

If it’s a desk, duck, or deer.

If it’s a crystal chandelier.

If it’s a train, or plane, or frown.

It’s elementary — it’s a noun.

Nounscan sometimes be quite formal.

Like Brooklyn Bridge or Edward Hopper,

London, Levis, Pekinese

Proper nouns name all of these.

A jail, a nail, and bale of hay.

The pool or park in which you play.

A quarter, a porter, a pencil, a pen

Nouns are seen almost every day!

A box, a lip, a chocolate chip.

A cup or glass from which you sip.

A pocket, button, sleeve, or cuff

A noun can simply be your stuff.

A mink, a fink, a skating rink.

A cake, a rake, your kitchen sink.

The Pope, some soap that’s on a rope.

A downtown mall on a downhill slope.

A hare, a mouse, a broken clock,

New Mexico or an old white sock.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. a person, place, or thing… funny we have plenty on grammar in our next two apps… plus verbs, adj, adv, prepositions, etc…. Will send a promo if you like!

  2. Actually, this poem is the text of the book A Mink, A Fink, a Skating Rink by Brian Cleary. http://tiny.cc/x6l89

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