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Do It All Mom Planner

Best Paper Organizer Planners for Old-Fashioned Moms

So here’s my question:  to be a Supermom, must you be on an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry?!!  Can you be a Supermom and still track your schedule and your children’s appointments, practices, play dates, and other sundry extracurricular activities on, gasp!, paper?!

do it all mom calendar, for supermoms who do it all,, Pragmatic Momdo it all mom planner, supermom,, traditional paper planner calendar

A Supermom planner on paper … is this an oxymoron?  How many moms are still on traditional calendar systems?

To be honest, I really, really like paper calendaring systems.  My husband, however, embraces technology such that we all refer to his blackberry as his crackberry.  OK, the kids call it his blueberry which is much kinder and sweeter.  He was frustrated for years by my very bad handwriting and refused to use the paper planner that I kept at home, never daring to move it outside in case it got lost, where I kept track of EVERYTHING.  But it wasn’t so great for making appointments or play dates on the fly or at the dental office.  I mean, I have a decent memory, but who can keep track of the schedule that far out?  So, every appointment or play date scheduled outside the home would require 1) checking on the paper calendar, 2) writing down, 3) calling back to confirm.  This was not so terribly efficient.

Finally, I succumbed and got an iPhone and my calendar merged with my husbands.  It was supposed to be a beautiful thing.  Both of us can track and record our family’s complex schedules of pick ups, drop offs, carpools, orthodontist appointments, hair appointments, soccer practices including those annoying ones that happen infrequently but on a different field, etc.  All was well until:  Syncing Problem.  At least I think it was a syncing problem that made the entries from my iPhone fail to appear on my  Google calendar.  There was also: Sliding Problem.  Birthday parties and appointments would mysteriously slide from one day to the next.  Was this human error?  Who knows but when it happens and you accidentally drive to another city for a birthday party only to find out that it is actually tomorrow, you are not too happy!  Believe me, I know this from personal experience.

So when I received The 2011 Do It All Mom Planner (17 Months, August 2010 – December 2011) and The 2011 Do It All Mom Calendar (again 17 Months) from Orange Circle Studios, with its pleasantly retro feel, I was nostalgic for my bygone paper calendaring days.  I liked the little pocket on the cover handy for storing … well I’m not actually sure what I’d stuff in it, but I like it.  I liked the rows and rows of little stickers for appointments, birthday reminders, family events, parties, sleepovers, summer camp, volunteering, classroom parties, PTO/PTA meetings, picture days, school events, practices, carpooling, and more.  Clearly this planner is for a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).  Are all SAHM’s supermoms?  I’d say yes!  Honestly, SAHMs tend to pick up other mothering duties for their full-time work mom friends.  And they can also be counted on to show up at a myriad of volunteer events with very little notice and often bearing homemade baked goodies.

The calendar and planner are very similar but the calendar has a little less space to cram in all the stuff.  To make up for that, it comes with a nifty attachable pen, color coordinated of course, AND it has a magnetic strip to easily attach to the fridge (unless your fridge is stainless steel  in which case nothing magnetic except a kryptonite type of super magnet seems to work).  I’m kidding about the kryptonite magnet.  Even that won’t work.  The planner also has the elastic band around it.  I’m not exactly sure why but I am very partial to those elastic bands around notebooks.

My kids have begged and begged me to blog on the planner so they can get their mitts on it.  Since I do use an electronic calendaring system, alas, I won’t be able to use this myself.  Too much duplicative work.  Who would this be perfect for, I ask myself?  And then it hits me:

  • It would be perfect for kids to help them organize themselves!!  They can keep track or at least pretend to of their endless amount of stuff.  Maybe they can use the stickers to track when they actually practice too!  That would be nice.  3rd to 6th grade would be my sweet spot.  After that, I imagine they are on their iPhone.
  • Presents for the PTO/PTA boards — outgoing or incoming.  It’s not actually a “joke” present because there is functionality to this gift but it is a nice way of saying thank you to you Supermoms that make our schools a better place thanks to your diligent efforts.  And we recognize that there are probably not enough stickers inside either calendar or planner to keep up with your busy schedules!
  • Moms who actually use paper systems.   This is a nice one and I would definitely use it myself.  And don’t forget teachers who are moms.  This would make a great holiday gift!
  • Lots of adults in the house.  If you have a lot of adults at home not on the same electronic calendaring system (lucky you!), having a big calendar up might be helpful to keep everyone on top of the schedule.  Also, the grocery lists in the back of the planner might be helpful for everyone to note what is running out and needs to be replaced.

Finally, a virtual round of applause for all you moms out there.  Yes, all of you are Supermoms! Whether you use a P.D.A. or a paper calendar system, kudos to all of YOU who are the executive function of your families, keeping a busy household on track and on time.

If you are interested in checking out either item at Amazon, please click on the image above.  The Planner and Calendar are each $14.99. Or to buy both with a free pocket calendar at a 15% discount, please go their site.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Melissa Gulley

    so great- I actually still use a paper calander. I am although thinking about taking the step to digital. both my husband and I are droid/palm pre-plus users. what digital calander do you use -google or yahoo both free but I know there are other options free and not- HELP! Whats the best online calander to merge two busy parents and multible busy kids- what has life come to!!!

    • I am using Google Calendar but that is because I am on gmail so the calendar is connected to gmail; when you use the “invite” feature on gmail, it will automatically block out time on your calendar. I don’t know Yahoo at all, but for email, I am happy with Google.

  2. I am still paper but agree that there are shortfalls – I have double and even triple-booked before I learned to say I have to check my calendar!

    Love this fund – thanks – I am due for a new one and still resisting this technology – Luddites Unite! 🙂

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