reading to little sister, caught in the act of reading,

Kids Caught in the Act … of READING

Getting Kids Excited About Reading

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures!! This week we have photos of kids reading in unusual places, reading  non-fiction, reading to siblings, reading in snugglies and the results of reading for a good cause!

If you want your child — and it doesn’t have to be your own —  featured next week, please send me a link or a photo to (at)  Replace the (at) with @.  Thanks so much!!


caught in the act of reading,

Papa reading about dinosaurs to Lila while she holds one of her own.

I think it’s so great when men participate in reading aloud with their children or grandchildren.  It’s such great modeling.  And how cute is it that Lila is holding her dinosaur while hearing about dinosaurs.  Future Paleontologist!


Samantha and Max were all about earning reading points for their basketball teams.  It was a nice day outside and made themselves little reading stations to have comfortable, fun places to read!  Here’s Max reading comfortably in a dog crate.

What a creative use for dog crates.  Maybe you should rent it out as a fun space to get read!!  My kids would show up!  They love our dog’s crate!

caught in the act of reading,, Pragmatic Mom

Here’s Sam on top of her play house earning points for her elementary school’s March Madness reading competition.  Each class gets assigned a NCAA basketball team that earns them points based on how well the team does, but most of the points come from reading books and writing up book summaries.  The winning class gets an extra gym session.

Sam wins creative use of play house!  How does she get up there?  Isn’t is fun how both found a really fun spot to read?  I think it makes reading that much more enjoyable!


sam and max reading, melissa boucher, caught in the act of reading,, Pragmatic Mom

Sydney reading at the front door waiting for Uncle Mike to come over.

Such a sweet picture!  I almost wish Uncle Mike would hurry up and get there!


caught in the act of reading, kathleen ellison, kevin reading about boats,, PragmaticMom

His grandfather caught Kevin a few times reading up on the Titanic and now he has presented the story and history to his first grade class.

I love how Kevin is reading non-fiction and really getting into it!

Kevin reading about and holding Titantic, caught in the act ... of Reading,, PragmaticMom

Here is Kevin reading about the Titanic while holding a model of the Titanic.

Future History Professor!  Nice job mom getting him a toy replica of the Titanic!


big brother conor reading to little sister layla, caught in the act of reading,, pragmatic mom

Conor was reading at 4 and when his sister, Layla,  came along, he’d read his bird books and Harry Potters to her as a baby. Both are avid readers still today and as an author, it makes me sooo happy. 🙂

I think we are witnessing the world’s nicest big brother in action!  Thank you to Reader Writer Thinker Mom, Tracy Engelbrecht.


5 kids reading on couch, caught in the act of reading,

@Proactive_Mom of sent in this photo of 5 of her 6 kids reading about koalas, it appears.


Fourth grader Eva J and first grader Julia C read A Place for Birds, caught in the act of reading,

Fourth grader Eva J and first grader Julia C read A Place for Birds.

This is from Melissa Stewart’s Science Clubhouse.  Please check out her great blog on science perfect for home schoolers and teachers!


reading to little sister, caught in the act of reading,

Here are some pictures of my kids reading together. These are all from 2006. They still read together now, but we haven’t taken any pictures of them reading lately!



girls reading in snugglies,, caught in the act of reading

caught in the act of reading,, girls sisters reading in snugglies

How cute is this?  Did you ever wonder if anyone actually uses those Snugglies that are advertised on TV?  Well, these girls do while they read!  Perfect for New England winters!


we give books, pearson, kids reading and donating, caught in the act of reading,

we give books, caught in the act of reading,

This is from  You read a book online. We give a book to charity. It’s that simple. And here they are giving books to an inner city school in Los Angeles.  Great cause and great book, Corduroy!  It helps young children to learn to read when they own a book because it allows for repetition.  And no doubt, owning a book as good as Corduroy will also give them pride of ownership and foster a love of books!


caught in the act of reading,, pragmatic mom

Gracie is “reading” a Disney Princess book (originally banned, but in the end how we got her to sit still to read with us) and Ben is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (again).  A brief lull in their bickering and a quiet moment before bedtime.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Melissa Gulley

    OMG!!!! These are soooo cute!

  2. I am doing same thing We have whined down time an half hour before bed they go read. Not all mine can read but I feel having them look at the pictures and making up their own stories is just as good it is a start! Thank you for sharing the pictures are great!

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