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What You Can Do At Home to Help Your Young Child Learn At School…

What Parents Need to do at Home for their Kids

This is from my Kindergartener’s teacher:

  • show interest in school activities
  • contact your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns
  • praise your child often
  • read to your child everyday
  • let your child see you read
  • visit the public library weekly
  • give your child opportunity to solve problems
  • allow your child to make choices
  • state directions clearly and watch for follow through
  • assign your child responsibilities around the house
  • encourage your child to express his or her feelings verbally
  • read labels on cans, cereal boxes, signs, etc. with your child
  • have your child read to you every day (if the book is too difficult, have him or her tell you about the pictures)
  • talk about the book:  what was your favorite part?  why? what didn’t you like?  why?  What would you have done?  why?  Predict what might happen next
  • divide snacks equally among friends together (fair share)
  • play board games, card games and rhyming games
  • practice letter and number writing, especially lower-case letters

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Shelly

    thanks for the great article, my girl is in Kindergarten and i just printed this off! I am going to read through it today!


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