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Obama puts spotlight on education of Hispanic students

Obama’s Education Policy Benefits Children of Color

A million years ago (or pre-kids), I started a women’s golf apparel company in Los Angeles where I designed and manufactured “fashionable” women’s golf clothes.  This was during the early 90’s when younger women were flocking to the golf course in droves for both fun and for career.  I had an employee, a young man, who had a prison record resulting from gang violence but he turned out to be an excellent employee and was soon joined by his wife and his younger brother.  They were all products of an inner city school system so broken that metal detectors were a necessity. Read more…

How To: Save Money on Dog Supplies

Bully Stick Discounts and More

Who knew that there was a special site for buying Bully Sticks?  And that they come in Grade B which means they are just not as pretty as Grade A?  Honestly, who cares how pretty the Bully Sticks look when your dog is going to chew them to bits anyway? Read more…

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Brain Scans May Help Identify ADHD & BiPolar Kids

Brain Scans to Identify Special Needs

I am not sure exactly what parents are supposed to do with this knowledge or at what is age of the child that the brain scans should be done AND are definitive.  But I suppose that early detection can only be a good thing.  This might be something for Type A Parents to bring up with their pediatrician, particularly if there is a family history of ADHD or Bi Polar disorders. Read more…

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Obama in My Neighborhood

Barack Obama Stops By My Neighborhood

Maybe it’s not too surprising that President Obama is hosting a science fair at the White House and waxes enthusiastically about the importance of science and math for our country’s future.  No doubt that he finds the kids’ science projects fascinating:  a device to discourage texting while driving; a self-powered hydroelectric water purification device; a test of whether foam really is the best material to pad the inside of a safety helmet.  Not to mention cancer therapies, solar-power cars, water purification systems and robotic wheelchairs.  Yes, these science projects are by kids.  Genius kids. Read more…

Recess Essential to Kindergartener Development

Kids Need Recess Especially in Kindergarten

What is Kindergarten supposed to look like:  preschool or first-grade?  Do you question your kindergarten curriculum?  The research is pointing to the importance of play as the core curriculum for kindergarten.  This is not to say that kindergarten can’t have “academics” woven throughout, but play is essential for young children to develop and outdoor time is precious and important time.  And then if you think of Emotional Intelligence … that socialization skills that are the most accurate predictor for success as an adult and that book, Everything I Know, I Learned in Kindergarten (or in the Sandbox?? You know which book I’m talking about, right?), then it all starts to make sense. Read more…

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Why Are Boys Failing? Boy Code?

Boy Code Affect Boys’ Success at School?

I’m not sure if this is the reason why Boys are Failing at all, but this is part 4/5 of The Globe and Mail‘s look at Why Boys Are Failing?  This is a Canadian publication, so maybe the boy code is stronger there, what with everyone playing hockey??  I don’t know… this is their weakest argument in their excellent series. Read more…

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Why Are Boys Failing? Video Games!

Boys Failing at School Because of Gaming?

This is Part 3 of 5 of The Globe and Mail‘s in depth look at Why Are Boys Failing?  I am always very sensitive when this topic comes up because I know that I am not doing a good job at policing my son’s video screen time.  This article deals with the proliferation of video games and their negative  impact on boys (feeling guilty already!). My son, who just turned 6, loves any type of screen:  DSi, iPad, iPhone (mine), computer … the TV is a distant 4th.  In fact, when he was the Star of the Week for Kindergarten last week, he wrote that his favorite thing to do was to play on the iPad.  Sigh! Read more…

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ABC Pocket Phonics App

ABC Phonics App for Kids

I found this app online and asked for a code to try it out.  I was thinking of my son, now 6-year-old (he just had a birthday), who is in Kindergarten.  But then I noticed that this app was featured in a post of apps for high functioning autistic children so I thought it was kismet and clearly I need to check out this app which has been sitting on my iPhone untouched for a while. Read more…

Why Are Boys Failing? Lack of Male Teachers?

Do Boys Need Male Teachers as Role Models?

Part 2 asks if one root cause is the lack of male teachers who serve as role models, the theory goes, and teach that learning is cool.  This doesn’t feel like it hits the nail on the head, but the argument for this is below. Read more…