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Obama in My Neighborhood

Barack Obama Stops By My Neighborhood

Maybe it’s not too surprising that President Obama is hosting a science fair at the White House and waxes enthusiastically about the importance of science and math for our country’s future.  No doubt that he finds the kids’ science projects fascinating:  a device to discourage texting while driving; a self-powered hydroelectric water purification device; a test of whether foam really is the best material to pad the inside of a safety helmet.  Not to mention cancer therapies, solar-power cars, water purification systems and robotic wheelchairs.  Yes, these science projects are by kids.  Genius kids.

But what impresses me more is the time when he showed up at Yoga Mom Friend’s front lawn and took the time to meet her young children.  Yes, I live outside Boston and we are known for prodigious Democratic Fundraising so it’s not a huge surprise to find out that a huge fundraiser was held and that President Obama stopped by to show his support ostensibly raising the dollars by factors of several zeros.  I’m sure that our Governor, Patrick Deval, and Barrack Obama go way back and have much in common, such that he can get face time with the President.

But how did Yoga Mom Friend and her family come into play?  They live next door to Big Fundraising House and made a sign that said, “Welcome!  Can Sasha and Malia Come Play?”  (She has two girls, both in elementary school).  When she was invited next door (ah, the privileges of being the neighbor to a McMansion!), she happened to mention the sign to President Obama who was very amused.  So much so that he stopped the motorcade on the way out to meet the kids out on the lawn, including those still holding the sign and those just ogling the sights.  What a thrill to meet the President!!  And how touching that he took the time to meet the little kids well below voting age!  And where was I?!!!  Darn those soccer games!  They really get the in the way!

These are her words:

My dad and I, [my two young daughters], and a bunch of neighbors waited outside during the event, enjoying the excitement, and gawking at the enormous team that accompanies President Obama everywhere (including an SUV full of guys in full black Kevlar, complete with helmets and M-16’s).


As the President was getting ready to leave, the Secret Service asked us to step back to the middle of our lawn, which we did, with [my daughters] holding up their sign again. We saw the first couple of cars in the motorcade head out of our neighbor’s driveway and then stop.  Suddenly, police and Secret Service came rushing over to us, told everyone to hold out their arms and patted us down. We looked up, and there was Barack Obama walking up our lawn, saying to [my two kids], “Hey, did I just meet your mom up there?” He was incredibly gracious, shook hands with everyone, talked to all the kids, posed for pictures (attached), and then headed back to his car.”

As for Yoga Mom Friend, you had her vote at “hello!”  She has been a loyal Dem since I’ve known her six years ago!  But now you have all moms in our neighborhood, at least the ones that lean left.  Anyone who is nice to our kids has our vote and our heart!!

For the link to the science fairs at the white house, click here.  For those of us who missed meeting Obama, winning the science fair might be our best shot at meeting him!  I’ll see you in the lab!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. That must have been quite the experience for your friend.

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