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ABC Pocket Phonics App

ABC Phonics App for Kids

I found this app online and asked for a code to try it out.  I was thinking of my son, now 6-year-old (he just had a birthday), who is in Kindergarten.  But then I noticed that this app was featured in a post of apps for high functioning autistic children so I thought it was kismet and clearly I need to check out this app which has been sitting on my iPhone untouched for a while.

It’s a very well done app that does a thorough job of introducing letter sounds, simple words, and individual lower case cursive letters.

I started with letter sounds of both consonants and vowels.  The sounds are clearly pronounced and I liked how there is a dot for the starting point to write the letter.  What is really nice (even I appreciated it), was the cheering and clapping from the app when I wrote the letter.  Very enthusiastic applause!  It made me feel like a rock star!

The Games:  Say the letter sound, then write the letter in lower case cursive!  Interesting, yes?  LOWER CASE CURSIVE?  Very Montessori!

There are more word games, apparently 17 in total.  The next one has you selecting the letter on the screen when you hear the letter sound and  make a word which then gets pronounced bit by bit to reveal the word.  “aaaaahhhhhh”.  “mmmmmmmm.”  “aaammm.”  “am.”  The word “am.”  Nicely done!  The games go from two letter words to four letter words such as “stop.”

ABC Pocket Phonics iPhone iPad app, apps for autistic kids children,, PragmaticMom, Pragmatic Mom

This app feels like you have a teacher or a tutor working with your child  one on one.  There is just something about the voice and the encouragement.  At the end, for example, the game tells you, “Keep practicing!”  I love that about this app!

ABC Pocket Phonics iPhone iPad app for autistic children,, phonics, pragmatic mom

The app is $.99 and if you want to examine it at iTunes, just click on the small icon on the top.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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