How To: Save Money on Dog Supplies

Bully Stick Discounts and More

Who knew that there was a special site for buying Bully Sticks?  And that they come in Grade B which means they are just not as pretty as Grade A?  Honestly, who cares how pretty the Bully Sticks look when your dog is going to chew them to bits anyway?

I was paying $8.99 a Bully Stick — air dried because the smoked was stinky and about 12 inches long, 1 inch across — at my local specialty pet shop.  Frankly, I feel badly buying from this specialty pet shop that has no animals just pet supplies because I have used my local pet store as my own personal admission-free zoo for my kids for years and really should be buying all my pet supplies there but strangely, their bully stick inventory is limited to the smoked kind.

If you go to BullySticksOnline and buy by the case, GRADE B!, my dog trainer says that each Bully Stick comes out to about $1.79 each including shipping and handling.  That is quite a savings!  I know that not all dogs can tolerate Bully Sticks and I was game for more savings and supplies, so I pressed my trainer for more because chewing on doggie stuff means less stuff like furniture!

Frozen Beef Rib Bones.  She says never to give cooked bones to your dog as the bones will splinter but any raw bones are fine including chicken.  She recommends giving the dogs the bones frozen because the cold is soothing to their mouths.  She buys hers at A Place for Paws.

Beef Marrow Soup Bones.  She also buys these from A Place for Paws and recommends removing the marrow for older dogs because it’s too rich and can cause diarrhea.

Beef  Knuckle Bone, cut into 1/4.  She recommends these for dogs.  It helps clean their teeth and anus.  She gives her dogs these bones about once a month.

Here’s a link to a pet food analyzer site. You might be paying more for pet food that it’s worth.  This helpful site came from a classmate from childhood.  (Thank you!  You know who you are!)


I just found a limited time special at  4-5″ air dried Bully Sticks, 100 for $68, or .68 cents each.  They are a tad shorter than the ones I usually get, but at a 92% savings, I really don’t care!  Click on the image of the Bully Sticks to go directly to that page.

I also found these bullysticks on Amazon.  Turns out the shorter Bully Sticks were getting gobbled up too quickly and were possibly a choking hazard.  I needed 12 inches for my large dog (Golden Retriever) and these are air-dried.  The price is reduced from $ 132.50 for 25 to $52.00.  That is $2.08 each.  Warning on Bully Sticks.  The good people at the dog park that we frequent said to take away the Bully Sticks when they get small enough to swallow.  There is a danger of the dog choking and dying on the small piece left.  I know.  Good luck with that advice!

bullysticks great deal airdried not smoked 12 inches 12",, Pragmatic Mom

My dog has been pulling on his leash something fierce and my dog trainer likes Sensible Harness because the straps don’t slip and there isn’t an extra loop in the front for the dog to get caught on.  $25.99.  Measure your dog for the correct size.

Sensible Harness for dogs who pull,, Pragmatic MomSmall in black. (I know the picture is showing a red one.  Sorry about that.)

Sensible Harness for dogs who pull,, Pragmatic MomMedium in black.

Sensible Harness for dogs who pull,, Pragmatic MomLarge in black.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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