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What Happens In Vegas Not Healthy for Kids

Why Vegas is Not Great for Family Vacations

The Teen Verdict on Vegas:  “A Skeeze-Fried Hellhole.”  Click here for the entire article courtesy of, Managing the Chaos of Modern Motherhood.

Here are some choice paragraphs from her excellent and informative article.  And might I add that I also vehemently hate Las Vegas and completely agree with her!


I propose a new hybrid: “What happens in Vegas is not healthy for children or other living things.” A few weeks ago, our family traveled to Las Vegas to see the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show, “Love.” I’ve been a Beatles fan my whole life – what child of the 60’s or 70’s wasn’t? – and enjoyed the non-Beatles Cirque du Soleil show I saw years ago while living in New York. The good news: the “Love” show had gotten excellent reviews. The bad news: the show is exclusively playing in Las Vegas.

After a dip in the pool and an overpriced meal at one of the hotel’s many overpriced restaurants, we headed to the show, which was fabulous. It was a stunningly creative, magical, unique, colorful burst of music and acrobatics – all set to Beatles songs.

But here’s the problem: the show ended before 9 pm, and none of us were tired. So we decided to take a walk outdoors – big mistake. Big, big mistake. And I’m not just talking about the fact that it was still 100 degrees outside. Any of you who have experienced “the Strip” in Las Vegas will know exactly what I mean. This is not a family-friendly stretch of real estate. Keep in mind: my youngest, Henry, is only 11.

Not only were there gigantic neon-lit billboards on every block featuring gigantic-breasted (and barely dressed) women, but there were clusters of men on every street corner wearing sandwich boards advertising, “Girls Now!” “Best Girls, Fast to YOU” and so on – who were helpfully providing postcard-sized photos of their superior brand of “girls,” in every case completely topless. Prostitution is not technically legal in Las Vegas, but some believe that police and casino owners look the other way – it’s just too widespread a problem for them to truly crack down on. In any case, there seems to be a fine (almost invisible) line between legal hawking of “female escorts” for men visiting Vegas, and actual solicitation of prostitution.

I loved the Beatles “Love” show and I’m glad I saw it, but I will never return to the city my oldest son, Jonah, described as a “skeeze-fried hellhole.” Aaron, my 15-year-old, had an even harsher assessment: “If there is one place that is literally God-forsaken,” he said, “it’s Las Vegas.” I couldn’t agree more.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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