Ugly Colors board book — edgy but cute!

Ugly Doll Books for Kids

My oldest who is ten-years-old has begged me to review this book which I thought was interesting because she is long past board books. “It’s so cute!” she says. “And funny!” And it is. While it IS a board book for toddlers on colors, it has a sly wit that will appeal to adults who, no doubt, will be reading this book over and over again.

My kids have a fondness for the Uglydolls and each has at least one and covets the dolls in a size they don’t yet own. And yet, they rarely play with them. The dolls sometimes accompany my girls to sleepovers, and they claim to play with their dolls with their friends but I have never witnessed this kind of play at home.

I have to hand it to Random House because it’s a brilliant play to take the Uglydolls and convert them to books — isn’t it usually the other way around?! The books have an edgy attitude which I can only describe as slightly gross (to appeal to boys) and slightly sweet (to appeal to girls). For example, the pages dedicated to the color RED gets these comments: “red cars get pulled over more often”, “I’m seeing red” and “let’s paint the town red”, with a doll saying “I’m no vandal!”

Ugly Colors by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim is part of a series of books on the Uglydolls including Ugly Guide to Eating Out and Keeping It Down, 1 2 3 4 U, A B C U Later, The Ugly Guide to Being Alive and Staying That Way, Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse, Ugly Guide to Things That Go and Things That Should Go But Don’t. See what I mean? Edgy but cute. Nice job Random House. Ugly Colors is part of the Ugly Boards which is just right for toddlers. The other books are more comic book in nature and would appeal to readers of all sorts including reluctant in elementary school.

These books would make a nice gift paired with an Uglydoll.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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