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My Kindegartener has the best teacher in the world.  I know that indisputably because this is the third time we have had her.  So when he came home after the first week with vocabulary words and instructions to make these words into a fun game, I was impressed and intrigued.  This teacher does a lot of pilot programs for our school district, testing out new research and programs.  She was the first to pilot Handwriting Without Tears which was then adopted district wide.  She liked Big Math for Little People (at least, I think that was the title), which I also liked a lot, but our school district did not go with.  And now SAT vocabulary words for Kindergarteners — a gift that keeps on giving!

We are good at following directions.  At dinner that night, my husband lead a discussion with our little boy to see if he could describe something that reminded him of the word.  What do you know, his teacher was right?!!  Kindergarteners do have the ability to understand and really enjoy learning big, fancy words.  It makes them feel like big kids.  It was fun also to see his big sisters chomping at the bit to define “his” words.

Try it yourself!  Here are the words.  We read the word and  ask him what he things the word means.  If he doesn’t know or is way off, we then read the sentence and ask again.   (And feel free to substitute out words in the sentence to personalize it!)

p.s. I have a category of posts on SAT Vocabulary Words for Kindergarteners here.

 It’s Mine! by Leo Lionni

bickering:  Emily and John were bickering about who would be first in line.

desperately:  The boy called desperately for help when he fell of his bicycle.

defiantly:  The toddler defiantly refused to put on her jacket.

recognized:  Matt recognized his grandmother’s voice on the phone.

harmony:  The three children worked in harmony to put the puzzle together.

selfish:  Sarah is selfish because she doesn’t share her toys.

Here is a link for if you want to try this game out with older kids.  It has 5000 SAT words in alphabetical order.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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