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Long Division App

Long Division App Great for Visual Learners

Be still my beating heart!  My 5th Grader is learning long division and sometimes working through the problem step by step is confusing to her.  So you can imagine how excited I AM with this app, named Long Division, that translates long division into a color coordinated step by step process and has a number key pad so that the student can input their results every step of the way.  Then, the numbers slide into their proper place in the problem.  Very visual and memorable!  And also kinda fun!  At least I think so.  I get back to you on what my daughter thinks!

long division app for iPhone, pragmatic mom, http://Pragmaticmom.com, education, math apps,

The Long Division app is $3.99 at the iTunes store.  Just click on the top image to purchase it.

The developer, iDevBooks, also has other great math apps including:

Long Multiplication

Lattice Multiplication

Column Addition

Column Subtraction

Fraction Math

This info is from his site:

The Long Division Method

In arithmetic, long division is the standard procedure suitable for dividing numbers. The method breaks down a division problem into a series of easier steps.

Easy to Use Division Math Apps for Common Core

The Long Division app allows the user to solve a long division problem step by step and animates all the steps. In the steps the user will divide, multiply or subtract. The correct answer will fly to the right place. If the user presses the wrong button the answer will appear above the keyboard but it will not move.

Math App Features:

  • The dividend can have up to 5 digits
  • The divisor can have 1 or 2 digits
  • The user can solve random division problems or input his own numbers
  • Remainders can be allowed or disallowed
  • The dividend can have decimals
  • The current operation for each step can be hidden
  • The operands for the current operation can be highlighted
  • There are 3 different themes: black, gray and gold
  • The speed of the animations can be set

p.s.  I reviewed iDevMath’s app, Trade-First Subtraction here.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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