Kids Find eReaders Appealing

Will kids read more if it’s on a digital reader?

Here’s what the Scholastic research found (via New York Times article by Julie Bosman):

  • About 25 percent of the children surveyed said they had already read a book on a digital device, including computers and e-readers.
  • Fifty-seven percent between ages 9 and 17 said they were interested in doing so.
  • Only 6 percent of parents surveyed owned an e-reader, but 16 percent said they planned to buy one in the next year.
  • Eighty-three percent of those parents said they would allow or encourage their children to use the e-readers.
  • Milton Chen, a senior fellow at the George Lucas Educational Foundation, said the report made the case that children want to read on new digital platforms.
  • More than half the parents surveyed said they were concerned that as their children spent more time using digital devices, they would be less interested in recreational reading.
  • Children ages 9 to 11 are more likely to be frequent readers if their parents provide interesting books to read at home and set limits on time spent using technology like video games, the report said.
  • The report also suggested that many children displayed an alarmingly high level of trust in information available on the Internet: 39 percent of children ages 9 to 17 said the information they found online was “always correct.”

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If you want to check out the kindle at Amazon, just click on the image of the Kindle.

p.s.  This is not to say that I am pushing the Kindle.  I don’t own one and don’t plan to get one.  I do, however, have an iPad that my husband won on Quidbids for $130 including shipping and bidding fees.  We do love it and the kids read a very, very small amount of  iPad epicture book but they are just as likely to play a game and not necessarily an educational one.  I’m sticking with the good old-fashioned books for now!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. i agree with the parents. i own a kindle (and luv it) and i encourage other kids to get one.

    • To Kara,
      I am thinking of getting an eReader myself! Of course, as soon as I do, I’m sure my kids will take over just like our iPad! But, if it keeps them reading more, it’s all good!

  2. cool. thanks. and i wish i had an i-pad, all the apps and all. but the kindle can hold more books where the i-pad only holds a certain amount of anything, apps and all.

    • To Kara,
      That’s a good point. I’m really not that up on technology though I am eyeing a color Nook. Turns out my roommate from business school was the force behind it (he was formerly at Palm). I’m trying to score a discount from him but I guess the black and white Nooks retail at cost and the color Nooks have a thin margin so it’s pretty hard for them to discount to even their own employees. Still trying though …

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