4 Board Books with Pop Up Market: Perfect for Toddlers

Board Books That Are Also Toys

I received these board books in the mail to review and decided to get cracking.  I woke up really early — 5 a.m. to be exact — so it could be the early hour with a slow functioning brain but it took me a really long time to figure out how to get the Pop-Up Market up which, frankly,  is the best feature in the book set.

There are four early learning board books in the set:  Mr. Peacock’s Opposites,  Mr. Pig’s Colors, Miss Dog’s Shapes, and Mrs. Mouse’s Numbers.  The carrying case is a nifty design; it holds the books, and unhinges into the Pop-Up Market which begs to be used as a “mini-theater”!  It also has press-out characters with little triangular cardboard stands at the bottom!

The books are, themselves, what I’d call “workhorses.”  They get the job done covering their said topics in rhyming text but there isn’t anything outstanding about them.  They are not exceptionally funny or clever.  The color book covers 4 colors.  The numbers book covers numbers 1-5.  The shape book has the requisite 4 basic shapes, and the opposites books has 4 word pairs including wet/dry, small/big, old/new and short/long.  The illustrations are also “workhorse,”  a little boring but still appealing to kids.

But, if you have a child who is destined for the theater, enjoys creating talking characters, or has an active imagination, then he or she will have a field day. Everything fits into the carrying case so this might be something you will tote everywhere you go!

Market Day! 4 early learning board books is by Victoria Roberts and illustrated by Tomislav Zlatic.  Click on the image of the books if you want more info at Amazon.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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