Top 10: Reasons Why I Love My Android

Why Androids are Better than iPhones

I am the last person to adopt new technology which is why when I was talking to a Mom Friend about blogging she said that the thing that struck her the most was that I was actually blogging which impressed her because she knew that  I had not a shred of technical ability. I have a Harvard Professor Mom Friend who is just the opposite.  She just got an Android, right from the get-go.  She loves it but  I am in no hurry to try it.  But if you are thinking of getting an Android, Valerie P from TuesBlog just posted on 10 Reasons Why I love My Android.  I hope this is helpful to you new technology adopters!  More power to you!  (And I’ll be bugging you in time to have you explain how to use my Android.  When I get one.  In, say, 2015.)


There was a lot of controversy when I got my G1.  Everyone insisted I get the iPhone. Seeing that I didn’t want to change carriers I went against all of my friend’s recommendations and bought the Google Phone. I haven’t regretted the decision once!!!

Here are my top 10 favorite features:


  1. Google Maps! These great free features come standard on Android:
    • Assisted GPS – Navigate in real-time whether you are driving, walking or biking and it can even get you bus/metro routes!
    • Street View – Access the same panoramic street level imagery that is available on Google Maps online.
    • Compass – Pan left, right, up, down – all around. You can explore locations and destinations all over without moving a muscle!
  2. The widgets are amazing! They are basically small web apps that display live data. For instance, I downloaded the Weather Channel application that comes with a widget. I can put this widget on my customizable home screen and see the current temperature at all times. No need to open the application! I can even start playing music from Pandora with a quick tap of the play button from my home screen.
  3. Similar to widgets, there are also Live Folders, which display real-time data. I use mine to view upcoming events in my calendar at a quick glance.
  4. My Android also comes equipped with a physical and virtual keyboard. One hand, two hands, no hands. It’s all up to me!
  5. I have the option to record videos and share via email, MMS or upload directly to YouTube.
  6. The G1 also has a completely customizable home screen! The possibilities are endless you can download font packs, icon packs and more.
  7. There are tons of apps to choose from – many of which are free! I found things I didn’t even know I needed until I downloaded them.
  8. My Android is also built to last. I’ve dropped my phone millions of times and she’s still a beauty.
  9. Quick and easy built-in mobile instant messaging with Google Talk let’s me keep in touch with people on the go.
  10. Last, but of course not least, is my Google search bar… Need I say more?

All these features are great, but I’ll let you in on the secret that has me dancing in the streets over my G1. I’ve got the power to send incoming calls directly to voicemail on a contact to contact basis. That technical verbiage does nothing to get across how great this feature is… so imagine that there is that one, two or possibly several people in your phonebook who won’t stop calling you (even though you never pick up their calls). That’s where this little baby comes in handy! Simply check a little box in their contact information and they will forever be sent directly to voicemail! Here’s the kicker, you can tell that they called you 100 times in a row because it still shows up in your call log, and they probably just assume your phone is off. Oh, the simple pleasures in life!

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t dream of using this feature on anyone who has, will or might read this article.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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