Riordan, best chapter books for kids

Percy Jackson + Ancient Egypt = Red Pyramid

Ancient Egypt Mythology Chapter Books for Kids

I was at the bookstore with my middle child in search of the newest Clementine book and the latest Ivy and Bean book.  We found the new Clementine but we already owned the latest Ivy and Bean.  As we were checking out, I noticed this pile of books behind the check out counter.

Riordan, best chapter books for kids

Me:  “Is that the latest Riordan book?”

Checkout Lady:  “Yes, it is.”

Me:  “How is it?  I heard it was about Ancient Egypt.”

Other Employee, much younger:  “So awesome!”

Me:  “Better than Percy Jackson or worse?”

Both Employees:  “Well… different.  Not better or worse.”

Me:  “I have to have it.  Ring me up again please.”

Apparently this book is in such high demand that it can be hidden behind the counter on an “ask-for-it-to-get-it-basis.”  I did not realize that independent booksellers could be that choosy.

So I told Capability:Mom — she has a new blog design, check it out!–  that I had it and we both thought that it was weird that this independent bookstore was hiding books behind the counter such that  you have to ask for it specifically to buy them.    Aren’t they trying to sell books over there or is this such a hot property that they can hide the goods? Or is this because the book is only supposed to land in certain hands? …

Capability:Mom’s kids are big fans of Percy Jackson as is my eldest so I thought I’d speed through the book, review it, and pass it on.  I read about a page when said eldest noticed the book and appropriated it for herself.  Three days later she pronounced the book even better than the entire Percy Jackson series which is a huge compliment because she sped through the Percy Jackson series in a matter of weeks and LOVED it.

I finally got my hands on the book and finished it late last night.  My oldest kept popping up to check where I was in the book and sigh with contentment saying, “Oh that is such a good part.”  I don’t want to spoil the book for you so I’ll only give hints about the plot, but suffice it to say that this series is another winner that will likely turn into a movie very soon.  Get your hands on it and be sure to scan the shelves behind the check out counter or ask for it.  This is a stealth sell as you have to qualify to get it; they don’t want the book in the wrong hands because, you know, they are recruiting … you’ll learn more about that when you read the book.

  • Carter and Sadie, the book’s protagonists, are brother and sister but have been raised apart for six years since their mother died (complicated back story).
  • After their father gets into a fix, they must work together to save him, and, of course, the world as we know it.
  • They discover their interesting bloodline and some latent powers within (think demi-god but with an interesting twist).
  • You’ll learn a lot about the gods of Ancient Egypt as well as an overview of the history of Ancient Egypt by reading this book.  Here’s a link to Ancient Egypt from Wikipedia if you want more.
  • Like the Percy Jackson series, this is an epic battle (requiring at least 3 books) of  Good versus Evil but in this case, it’s Chaos versus Order.  There is also a time deadline where Very Bad Things Happen If Someone Evil Isn’t Stopped Within Days.
  • Like the Percy Jackson series, families of both Gods and Men are involved.  Again, the humans involved are special.
  • Finally, like the Percy Jackson series, there is a lot of cross-country U. S. travel and some overseas travel as well which is a fun way to learn geography!

That’s all I can tell you without spoiling the book for you.  Buckle up for the ride and enjoy every word!

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan.  [chapter book, ages 8-15]

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I loved the Percy Jackson books and I am way over the 15 year age limit. I am glad that you have read it and recommended it. I haven’t talked to anyone yet that has read it. May just have to visit and see if they have a Kindle version.

  2. Ama

    I LOVE The Red Pyramid. I read the book back in May. Thinking on it three months later, I agree with your daughter…It’s even better than the Percy Jackson series!

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