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iPhone/iPad/iPod app: iLiveMath Speed (word problems for ages 6-12)

iLiveMath Speed uses race cars, sail boats, jets, the Space Shuttle, and more to teach Distance = Rate x Time, ratios, km/hour, mph, knots, and speed of sound terms such as Mach, supersonic, and hypersonic in a word problem format!  I really like this app because it introduces Physics as a multiplication word problem appropriate for older elementary school students.

I don’t know about you, but I really struggled through Pre-Med college physics and had to get friends to help explain basic concepts to me (i.e.  see how we are walking at the same pace?  That’s speed.  Speed = distance X time [miles per hour or mph or km per hour].  Now we are walking faster.  Acceleration is the increase in speed.  The formula is acceleration = force / mass.  Force = mass X gravity.)  Yikes!  It gets complicated quickly that it is nice to introduce these concepts in a fun way such that it becomes intuitive rather than a memorization of formulas.  This app doesn’t actually cover acceleration but by teaching Distance = Rate x Time, it’s an appropriate and intuitive introduction to physics for an elementary school student.

The format of iLiveMath Speed is similar to iLiveMath Trains so click here to read that review which goes over some nice features in both apps such as the roll-y answer bar and the number sentence for correct answers.

Here are the levels for iLiveMath Speed with a sample problem from the app.

Level 1:  Addition and Subtraction

A lead pack of 13 Formula One cars drafted in a line and as they rounded a turn, 2 zoomed ahead.  How many are left behind?

Level 2:  Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication (speed, rate, distance and time)

If sailboats raced at an average speed of 16 knots, how many nautical miles are traveled in 2 hours?  (1 knot = 1 nautical mile/hr).

Level 3:  Advanced Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication (with speed, rate, distance and time)

If a Maglev train journeyed at an average speed to 223 mph, how many miles are traveled in 7 hours?  (Distance = Rate x Time)

Again, like iLiveMath Trains, there are appealing photos of things that go fast as well as fun sound effects.  Here are some screen shots:

This app is appealing to boys but I would try girls out on it as well!  The app is $3.99 and can be purchased at iTunes.  You can click on the little icon above to check out at iTunes.

Follow PragmaticMom’s board Math Fun on Pinterest.

Follow PragmaticMom’s board Math Fun on Pinterest.

Scott Schulman, The Sartorialist,, best fashion blog

The Sartorialist: Fashion Blog for Inspiration

Scott Schulman, The Sartorialist,, best fashion blogI must have been hiding out under a fashion rock for the past few years, but I’ve recently discovered The Sartorialist even though it’s been around since 2005 and garnering Time Magazine‘s award for Top 100 Design Influencers.  It’s a beautifully spare collection of photos — kinda reminds me of DesignTrackMind‘s gorgeous blog but this one is centered on fashion with very well dressed people on the street.  Scott Schulman has an appreciation for the little details, particularly in well dressed men, but he appreciates a quirky or striking outfit on women as well.

I had to look up the word “sartorial.”  Here is the definition:

Adjective.  Of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress: “sartorial elegance”.  Great name for a style blog, huh?

He has an interesting story.  He’s always been a fashion guy, working in sales and marketing for high-end designers, and eventually ending up with a showroom in New York City helping to launch the likes of Peter Som and others.  9/11 hits.  Showroom:   poof, gone!  No one is buying high end fashion after that.  He starts taking photos for his blog, and I might add that he’s a very talented photographer, and his blog slowly gains enough momentum to launch into a real business.  He photographs and writes for and GQ but it’s his voice — minimalist, insightful, and authentic that helps us, the reader, to understand the nuances of his gorgeous photos.

If you follow his blog, and I encourage it, you’ll find that you’ll stand in front of your closet every day pondering your outfit with a little more deliberation.  Hey, he could be around the corner with camera in hand waiting to snap you!  Especially if you hang out in NYC, Milan, Paris, or London during Fashion Week!

p.s. I am not allowed to poach any of his photos without his permission and I don’t know him so please click here to see his blog.

p.p.s.  His girl friend, Garance Dore, is also a fashion blogger and has a great blog! She’s French, so it’s no wonder!

Favorite Books for Preschool to 5th Grade

Best Books for Kids in All Genres

I found this great site, ,  with extensive reading lists specific to each grade.  If your child is finishing up their summer reading and still needs a book or two, this is a great resource.  What I really like about it is that it covers many genres of books including: Read more…

Train Themed Word Problem Math App for Kids

Best Word Problem Math App for Kids

I am a huge fan of word problems.  I love how it combines literacy with math.  I love how it’s a puzzle in words that you must solve with a number sentence.  I love how it trains the brain to decode words into numbers and vice versa.  I love that it’s difficult. — this is not a rote operation, one must think to solve a problem.  That being said, word problems are challenging! (and fun!) Read more…

Quick Brain Scan Could Screen for Autism

Brain Scan Can Screen for Autism

A 15-minute brain scan could in future be used to test for autism, helping doctors diagnose the complex condition more cheaply and accurately. Read more…

Summer Salads from Whole Foods Magazine

Beautiful Summer Salad Ideas

I clipped this from an issue of Whole Foods Magazine that they were nice enough to give me when I checked out one day. I saved this particular page for a long time watching it accumulate oil stains and creases knowing that I wanted it, yet not actually doing much with it.  I do have a tendency to use my blog as a paperless file system for all the bits of useful information that I run across and want to save.  Capability:Mom reintroduced me to the Farmer’s Market in our town.  I had been avoiding it for two years since the birds in the park that holds the Farmer’s Market dropped dead from Avian Flu and this flu is transmitted by mosquitoes lethally to humans. Read more…

math tables karaoke iPad iPhone app,

Math Karaoke App for Singing Multiplication Facts

Singing Your Multiplication Math Facts

Do I believe in singing your way into multiplication fact proficiency?  You betcha!  Different kids learn through different means and singing is a very effective way for some children.  My oldest was tortured by the multiplication tables; she didn’t want to learn them and struggled with them.  What was worse was that she was tested every week on a particular fact family and it took an entire family effort each week to get her proficient. Read more…

Top 10: Best Boy AND Girl Characters in Adult and Children’s Books

Best Characters in Books EVER!

I found this pair of posts on some great blogs and the dicotomy of boys versus girls made me want to post them both at the same time.  I have not read all these books, but these lists make me want to!  For the full post on boys (thank you, Must Love Books), click here.  For the full post on girls (thank you, Consumed by Books), click here. Read more…

Top 100: Best Movies Based on Books

Best Movies from Books

This was a fun list that I found from Nobkin Kurian.  Click here for the entire list. Another popular movie list is Top 10:  Best Family Movies with Meaning. Read more…