The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose ebook to Teach Kids about Cancer

eBook for Kids Teaches Compassion for Children with Cancer

StoryBoy sent me some codes to try out some of their ebooks and this one really moved me. The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose is an ePictureBook for iPhone/iPad/iPod and it’s a really simple but moving story about a child going through chemotherapy and her wonderful nurse who sometimes dons a red clown nose when the kids least expect it to make them laugh.

This makes a great little present for that special nurse that you might know as a neighbor, friend or relative.  Nurses are unsung heroes, particular those who work with very sick children!  Another use for this app would be to  introduce the concept cancer to a child, particularly if they might be touched by cancer through a loved one.

The story is simple but well told about the ups and downs of battling cancer but leaves the reader with hope.  The story also gives a brief glimpse into what it means to have cancer:  cancer is not contagious; the treatment for cancer makes you very tire; sometime you lose your hair; and that anyone fighting cancer is very brave.

The description on StoryBoy’s website about this app says simply this:

“All StoryBoy sales proceeds benefit the Children’s Cancer Foundation. An uplifting story that is a wonderful way to introduce a serious illness to kids and to teach them to always keep laughing.”

And the inscription on the ebook says this:  “This book is dedicated to all the brave kids, families and caregivers whose lives have been touched by cancer in one way or another …”

The app is $.99 at iTunes.  Click on the image of the app if you want to connect directly to it on iTunes.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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