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Are Boys Behind Girls in Reading?

Harvard School of Education’s Opinion

Is our education system failing boys?  The Harvard School of Education’s take on this raging debate.

Putting the “Boy Crisis” in Context:  Finding solutions to boys’ reading problems may require looking beyond gender Read more…

Top 10: Apps to Make You Awesome in College

Best Apps for College Students

College kids, here are ten apps to help you be smarter and more efficient with your studies so there’s more time for dollar drafts, creating the next Facebook, three dollar tequila shots or whatever it is you do for fun. Read more…

How To: Cope after the Unbearable Loss of a Child

Coping Strategies After Death of a Child

This sensitive post is from The Children’s Book Writer.  She has a great blog and I always find interesting posts on a variety of topics there.  I was talking to Capability:Mom the other day about her friend whose two children both have had cancer.  Unimaginable!  One child’s cancer is in remission but the other child’s cancer is the bad kind.  The thought of a child dying brings overwhelming emotion to any parent, even it the child is not ours.  But for those who have actually experienced the unbearable loss of a child, Randy Gilbert, the guest author of her post,  suggests two helpful ideas: Read more…

Best Picture Books for Kids

Award Winning Picture Books for Kids

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?!  “Who knew that there were so many obscure children’s book awards?!”  I know, huh?  But, if you are the type of person who likes to bypass the duds,then these book awards  weed out the bad and the mediocre.  This might be a good list for holiday presents for nieces, nephews, cousin,s and grand kids … the books are not that well-known so you are not likely to duplicate what they have and you know that this is a quality book that parents will appreciate. Read more…

Top 7: Habits of Highly Effective Special Needs Parents

Why Parents of Special Needs Children Are So Efficient

This is from NewsDX Blog.  Click here for full post.  Author Joan Celebi originally founded in her capacity as a certified life coach for parents of children with special needs. Her goal is to give practical strategies necessary for successfully navigating life as a parent of a child with special needs.  She helps create a manageable, balanced, and joyful life for both parent and family. For more information, please visit Joan at  This is a list that is helpful for parents with typicals too! Read more…

Jennifer Aniston Gets Rid of Lice with RobiComb

Electronic Lice Comb in Jennifer Aniston Movie

I’m impressed that Jennifer Aniston knows about the RobiComb, an electronic lice comb that zaps lice dead.  My Mom Friend that runs a preschool told me about it and it’s great to have in your arsenal against lice.  For more on How To:  Detect and Get Rid of Lice, please click here.  For the Wall Street Journal video on lice, please click here. Read more…

Riordan, best chapter books for kids

Percy Jackson + Ancient Egypt = Red Pyramid

Ancient Egypt Mythology Chapter Books for Kids

I was at the bookstore with my middle child in search of the newest Clementine book and the latest Ivy and Bean book.  We found the new Clementine but we already owned the latest Ivy and Bean.  As we were checking out, I noticed this pile of books behind the check out counter. Read more…

FREE Test Prep ebooks from Kaplan

Free eBooks for Test Prep

I found this from BooksOnTheKnob. Apple and Kaplan have teamed up to give away iPad ebooks from Kaplan through iTunes iBookstore.   Read more…

NYTimes Top Selling Graphic Novels

Best Selling Graphic Novels

There is a lot of talk on the internet in the Reluctant Reader arena that graphic novels are a legitimate vehicle for literacy.  I, for one, agree!  Graphic novels tell stories both through images and words.  If this gets a Reluctant Reader excited to read more, what is not to like? Read more…