Planet Fassa (submit original kid activity to win $250)

Planet Fassa for Kids

Dorothee from Planet Fassa asked me to get the word out about her new online story resource so I checked it out and am happy to report back that it appears to be an online social community for kids that emphasizes stories, activities, and fun.  There is also a virtual reward system to get kids more actively engaged.

Here’s Dorothee’s description of Planet Fassa:

Planet Fassa is building an interactive online resource that gives children and their families a safe, easy, and fun place to go to find stories, on- and off-line activities, and challenges. F-A-S-S-A stands for Fun, Activities, Stories, Social, Awards. Fassa is also the main character in our first series of original stories, the Fassa Tails. Designed to be lots of fun, while cleverly wholesome, Fassa sees the world from a very unique perspective, finding the silver lining in everything and the beauty in everyone.

We just launched a Kid’s Activity Contest that I thought you might be interested in sharing with your readers on your website (and of course feel free to enter one of your unique ideas as well!) Here are the details: is calling all creative parents and former kids to submit their original kid activity ideas for a chance to win $250! Have a great craft project to share? Did you invent a fun game with your siblings when you were little? When you want to get your kids off the couch, what activity or game have you created to get your kids moving? Did your son or daughter make up a great game worth sharing with other kids? Contribute your ideas here:


It will be interesting to see how Planet Fassa evolves.  It’s like those preschools that let the children’s interests dictate the curriculum …

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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