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Coming-of-Age Chapter Book as Appealing as Ice Cream in Summer

Chapter Books for Kids With Special Needs Characters that Teach Compassion

I  live in a city that is composed of about a dozen villages.  Most of the villages have a small town center and most of the town centers have an ice cream shop.  My village has a town center but it’s a small one so it’s not really a draw.  The town center lacks, well, a center.  It’s more of a town perpendicular than a town square.  There is an ice cream shop but it was one that we rarely visited, opting instead to drive further to the center of town with the bad parking to another ice cream chain store because our ice cream store wasn’t much of anything.  Even the ice cream there tasted a wee bit like freezer burn. Read more…

4th of July Picture Books

4th of July Picture Books with an Asian Twist

Best Multicultural 4th of July Books for Kids

Happy Birthday United States on this 4th of July!  To celebrate, I selected two picture books with an Asian twist.  Both families are immigrants from China.  The children in each book, like all children of immigrants, straddle two worlds trying to be “more-American-like-their-friends” while immersed in the culture and traditions from their home country. But what is lovely in both these books is an acceptance that there is no one correct way to celebrate being an American.   This is a homage to the United States of America, the great melting pot nation.  Happy Birthday! Read more…

Support Reach Out and Read’s Summer of 1 Million Books

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read contacted me to see if I would help spread the word about their new ambitious campaign to put 1,000,000 books into the hands of children through a partnership with doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners.  They are hoping that you can help donate books virtually by making a donation for a specific book here.  Or organize a book drive for them (see details here).  Or just read to a child. Read more…

Summer Curriculum to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Summer Learning to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

I’ve learned from my children that:

  • They like to do what they are good at (even if it’s their own perception and not reality).
  • And the corollary, they avoid things they think are not good at (even if it’s their own perception and not reality).
  • The more they do something, the better they get at it.
  • The better they get at it, the more they want to do it. (nice circular logic!) Read more…

eBook App for Little Girls Who Love Pink

Books for Preschool Girls Who Love Pink

Winged Chariot is the publisher of Emma Loves Pink by Piret Raud.  It is charmingly narrated by a little English girl whose voice reminds me of another lovely character in a book, Lola, of  Charlie and Lola fame.  The ebook is dedicated to “all little girls who love pink” … and any parent of a little girl went through that stage!  (But interestingly, it shifts by 1st grade to light blue.  Then to green/blue/turqouise.  And by 4th grade, the sweet little girls — or at least mine — go dark and grungy and will wear only brown, grey, and black.)  So enjoy pink, parents.  It’s a lovely stage. Read more…

One Fish, Two Fish eBook App and Game

Best eBooks Apps for Kids Learning to Read

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.

Oceanhouse Media makes the best interactive eBooks, hands down.  They own the license for Dr. Seuss’ wonderful books and they actually improve the experience plus increase your child’s literacy by making the pictures on each frame interactive.  When you child touches any of the images, the word will float from the text (if the word is in the text) to the image.  If the narrator is reading the story, the story is NOT interrupted; however, the word will still float from the text to the image.  If the narrator is done reading the story, the narrator will also say the word. Read more…