Mom, Are We Rich? and Other Tough Questions …

Mom, Are We Rich? Tough Questions Kids Ask.

My brother sent me this great article from the New York Times Money section written by Ron Lieber and published on July 9, 2010.   Click here for the entire article.  It’s a nicely done article when kids you ask the darndest questions:
  • How Much Do You Make?
  • Are We Rich?  Are We Poor?
  • Why Don’t We Have (fill in the blank…)?  Summer Home? 2nd Car?

There is nothing like an inquisitive child to make you realize just how complicated the topic of money is. That’s what I ended up thinking after my 4-year-old daughter a few weeks ago stomped her feet, turned red and demanded to know why we did not own a summer house.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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