The Red Apple ebook app in 9 languages!

The Red Apple ebook for iPhone, iPad and iPod by Winged Chariot

This is a charming story that can be read or listened to in 9 languages!  That’s not a typo folks!  The ebook has language options for:  English, Turkish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese.  I actually tried the app out in Spanish … you know, I have been studying for almost two years now.  Sadly, I have not studied hard enough because it was a little difficult for me to understand but it was helpful that the words are in Spanish and the female narrator has a beautiful accent worth emulating.  I will make my kids check it out in Spanish.

I reverted to the English version for the book review.  Interestingly, the narrator for the English version is male with a slight Brit accent which is lovely!  The illustrations are gorgeous and translate well even on my tiny iPhone screen.  It’s such a lovely story about an elusive red apple high in a tree during winter in which Rabbit has to enlist all his other animal friends to help him get the apple.  Even though the animals would eat each other in real life, they are friends in this ebook and get along beautifully.  They all even eat apples!  It’s a lovely and simple story.  Once you get the gist in one language, why not try it out in another that you or your child are learning?!

It’s $1.99 at iTunes.  Perfect for ages 3-9.  Even older for those who want to test their foreign language skills!  If you want to check it out at the iTunes store, please click on the icon of the bunny.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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