The Birthday ebook App for Kids

Interactive eBook App for Kids: The Birthday

I opted for the English version of  the iPhone/iPad/iPod app ebook, The Birthday, by Sylvia Van Ommen and Maurice van der Bij. From the names of the authors, you won’t be surprised to find that the ebook comes with an option for Dutch but it also comes as a nice surprise that it’s in Japanese as well.

This is an adorable book and an even better ebook for anyone who isn’t familiar with the regular book because it has wonderful interactivity.  In the story, a young girl mouse is delivering the post (mail) and she walks around town giving letters to her friends who are various charmingly drawn animals.  The first stop is a rhino and polar bear couple, for example!  (It’s like an interracial animal couple.  I love that!)  The reader can  move the letter from the girl mouse to the mail recipient by sliding the letter across the screen and the letter moves physically to the recipient as well as makes a delightful noise.  The story then continues.

It turns out that today is the girl mouse’s birthday.  She is disappointed at the end of her delivery route because there are no birthday cards for her.  But as she returns home, there is a big surprise waiting for her.  And there are clues that her friends are up to something in the pages leading up to the end.  I’d suggest asking your child to guess the ending or ask them questions like,  “Why do you think the fox is putting up colored lights in backyard?!”

In short, the iPhone/iPad/iPod ebook, The Birthday, is a delightful ebook and my five-year-old son really loved it a lot!  I highly recommend it for the little ones, ages 2-5.  I also really like this ebook app publisher, Winged Chariot.  They send me codes for three of their apps and I’ve liked them all a lot!

To purchase the app, you can visit iTunes or their website.  It’s $2.99.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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