Dinosaur! ebook app for ages 1-5

Dinosaur eBook App for Preschool Boys

This is a cute rhyming iPhone/iPad/iPod ebook app by StoryBoy.net  that my 5-year-old son really liked.  He went through a serious dinosaur phase when he was three and has since moved on to Pokemon, Bakugan, Ben 10, and now Avatar:  The Last Airbender so I was pleasantly surprised when he opted to read this very simple ebook instead of playing his usual Angry Bird game.  I think this ebook brought back fond memories of that time.

There is a small amount of animation in the app where the dinosaurs move across the page but mostly this is a simple story of just a single sentence per page.  I don’t love the font choice but then I am picky about fonts and my son is not.  The narration sounds like a dad reading which is appealing to boys whereas I like a professional actor/narrator voice.  Nevertheless, at 99 cents, this is well priced and if your child opts for ebook instead of a game, that always make mom happy!

To buy this app at iTunes, just click on the image of the ebook.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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