eBook App for Little Girls Who Love Pink

Books for Preschool Girls Who Love Pink

Winged Chariot is the publisher of Emma Loves Pink by Piret Raud.  It is charmingly narrated by a little English girl whose voice reminds me of another lovely character in a book, Lola, of  Charlie and Lola fame.  The ebook is dedicated to “all little girls who love pink” … and any parent of a little girl went through that stage!  (But interestingly, it shifts by 1st grade to light blue.  Then to green/blue/turqouise.  And by 4th grade, the sweet little girls — or at least mine — go dark and grungy and will wear only brown, grey, and black.)  So enjoy pink, parents.  It’s a lovely stage.

This is ebook is not interactive but the story is so cute and the narration so lovely that it will be a hit with any little girl who insists on wearing only pink.  There is a sticker application also that lets you move cute round pick “stickers” to your photo album that you can print out at another time.  The illustrations for this book (and ebook) are also lovely.

If you need more pink, these books were very popular with my girls during their pink phase:

by Nathanial Hobbie  by Victoria Kann

To buy either the ebook or the pink books, please click on the image of the book.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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