How To: Find the Right Online Education Program for Back-to-Work Moms

Online Education for Adults

Consider a masters of business administration as an option to get ahead in your field of interest and broaden your career opportunities. 

I found this site online and thought of moms who are contemplating returning to the workforce or thinking about a career change.  I notice that a lot of my mom friends plot their return to work as soon as their youngest hits elementary school.

I’m sure that there are other websites that aggregate this information, but I like the user interface of their website.  It’s clean and easy to use.  It’s a great place to start your research if you are thinking of getting a degree but are not quite sure how to swing it and be there physically for your kids’ drop offs, play dates ,and pick ups.

I also read somewhere that online schools were the fastest growing segment in education.  I first thought online universities was cheezy diploma mills, but when I saw Boston University on their website, I realized that it makes perfect sense:  you don’t really have to be in a classroom on campus to learn!  You just need the access to the lecture and that can be a uTube video!  I thought this is a perfect solution for return-to-work- moms or career-changing-moms that I wrote the founder and he gave me the rundown: is an online degree finder for busy adults who are seeking to pursue higher education but are restricted by time or geography. We provide basic information about over a hundred schools and are adding more every day. The goal is to give our visitors a quick snapshot about these schools and the programs they offer. Once someone finds a school of interest, he/she can submit basic contact information, and an admissions counselor from that school will get back to him/her ASAP. Once you submit your information to one school the site automatically recommends other similar schools that may interest you and allows you to submit your information to as many schools as you’d like without having to type your info over each time.
All of the information that’s submitted is completely private. The sole purpose of giving the information is so admissions counselors can contact interested students directly. This way rather than interested students calling or writing every school that interests them, they can simply submit their information and have admissions counselors contact them.

I write most of the content for the site under the “online schools” section and have also written a bunch of the descriptions about different programs (as you can see on the site we also break the site down by program. So if you’re interested in nursing, you can get a description of what’s typically involved in a nursing program and then get a list of schools that offer nursing programs online).

All schools that we present on our site are accredited by educational institutions, so they can all be trusted. We hope to make the educational search easy for people who want to go back to school online but don’t know where to start.

We also have a number of campus-based school profiles on our site that are located around the United States.”

Jason Miller

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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  1. Sandy Donaldson

    Great information! Thanks so much! Looks like a good place to start researching online options.


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