$200+ Designer Jeans for Kids?

A Cheap Source for Designer Jeans for Kids

DesignTrackMind asked me if I bought designer jeans for my girls.  Tractor jeans?  Yes,  I do buy Tractor skinny jeans for my oldest because they fit her well and I don’t have to hem them so they end up fitting for about two years.

DesignTrackMind:  “No, real designer jeans.  You know, 7 for all Mankind, True Religion.”

Me:  “I saw them at Marshalls for $100 and that was too much for me.  Who buys these for their kids, anyway?!”

Apparently, DesignTrackMind buys them for her fashionista daughter, but wait — at the end of my digression, you will learn her nifty trick.

Well … when I ask mom friends if they know DesignTrackMind, they tend to say,  “Is she the  short blonde with really amazing taste?  She dresses funky but cool, like she’s not even trying?”

Oh yes, that’s her!  What you may not know about her is that she is a bargainista as much as she is a fashionista.  But she also has business smarts up the wazoo and she knows the power and earning potential of nurturing a creative mind.  In a past life (i.e. before kids), she was the head designer for Sigrid Olsen.  Her father, early in her fashion career, sighed and worried deeply about how his little girl was going to pay the rent.  He stopped worrying once she started out earning him and he was a hot-shot partner at a large law firm making big bucks.  (I’ll ask him if I run into him if he thinks he went into the wrong line of work.).

So, what is the line between spoiling your child and nurturing their fashion creativity?  I’m not sure, but my very good friend from college summer school hung out with Reed Krakoff when she was a co-ed at Wellesley and guess where he is now, after graduating from Vassar and attending the Fashion Institute of Technology?  He’s the Executive Creative Director for Coach, with an eponymous new line, and  a personal fortune estimated at over $70 million.  Not bad for a fashionista!

So, nurturing your child’s creativity through their clothing choices can have a career payoff …

Sorry for the digression.  Here is what DesignTrackMind does to allow her child to have designer jeans without feeling like an Idiot Mom.

Her trick:

  1. If your daughter is a fashionista and requires designer jeans, have her try them on at a boutique for size.
  2. Then, buy them new on eBay for $25.
  3. Make sure your daughter tries on adult size 24.  Only supermodels and tweens fit in size 24 so this never sells at stores and hence it gets sold at ebay at the end of the season.  The jeans will be too long so you will need to hem them but at $25 a pair, you won’t mind at all!

Really?  You can do that?! It works?!   So I thought I’d try this nifty trick myself, just as an experiment– you know, for the sake of science.  I always have loved The Row by the Olson twins (the actresses and fashion moguls with an estimated net worth of $1 billion but not sure if $1 billion each or split between them, but who really cares, right?).

Guess what, it works!   There are pieces, both new and used, on eBay for a fraction of the price and in my size.  Did they fall off a truck?  I don’t know but I’m not asking!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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  1. Melissa Gulley

    OMG!!! this is so entertaining, digressions and all!

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