What Are We Spending on Dad This Father’s Day

Dads Getting Nice Presents for Father’s Day

If you are still scrambling for ideas for Father’s Day, here are stats from the National Retail Federation on what the average person will spend on dad and how they are spending it.  It might give you some ideas of what and for whom we are spending.

According to the NRF 2010 Father’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, the average person will spend $94.32 on dear ol’ dad this year, up from $90.89 last year. Total Father’s Day spending is expected to reach $9.8 billion.

Shiny new toys for dad will be one of the biggest hits this year, along with special outings, gift certificates and clothing.

The survey found that 39.9% of those celebrating dad this year will treat him to a special outing such as dinner or brunch, spending $1.9 billion. 31.2% will give dad a gift card, spending an estimated $1.2 billion. 36.7% are planning on spending a total of:

  • $1.3 billion on clothes
  • $1.2 billion on electronics,
  • $749 million on greeting cards,
  • $578 million on tools or appliances,
  • $550 million on home improvement or gardening tools and
  • $400 million on automotive accessories.

Matt Shay, President and CEO, NRF, says “… people are starting to open up their wallets again… Whether a large family get together… or the new gadget.. there are many ways people will choose to celebrate this year.”

When it comes to where people will purchase their gifts:

  • Discount stores (34.4%)
  • Department stores (34.1%)
  • Greeting card or gift stores (26.4%)
  • Online (20.5%)
  • Specialty clothing stores (7.6%)

49.3% will buy for their father or stepfather this holiday, but others will treat their:

  • Husband (27.1%)
  • Son (7.4%)
  • Grandfather (4.4%)
  • Brother (5.1%)
  • Friend (4.9%)

Phil Rist, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, BIGresearch, concludes that “…dad is seen as the glue that holds the family together… there’s no other time it makes more sense to celebrate the man who makes it all ‘better’… “

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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