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Use My Library Summer Book List; It’s on Your Shelves!

Best Summer Book List for Kids

My friend, CapabilityMom, asked me yesterday if I posted on the reading list from our public library (Newton Free Library) and this caused me to go into a tirade:

“No, I didn’t.  Because for the past 5 years, I print out that thing (25 pages with some pages 4 color so that it wastes my toner) and carry it around in my car to whip out anytime I’m at the library.  The thing is a tome and broken out by type of book but that’s all good until you start to search for the books!  Guess what?!  None of the books are there because our entire city of moms and dads are searching for the exact same list.”

11 Birthdays, chapter books, middle grade chapter books,

So, reserve the books, you idiot, you say?  Well, I did go to the counter and ask to reserve a few books and there’d be a line so they would say to reserve online.  I’d go home and then spend a half hour trying to log in but I’d forgotten my password because it’s those passwords that insist that you use some combo of numbers and symbols such that I can never remember it.

And so, my friends, this is how I started researching summer book lists so zealously.  I would find lists from OTHER TOWNS and CITIES and use them.  Those books would be on the shelves of my public library.  OR, I would take my list to the town library next door.  Their list is different from mine!

So, if you don’t live in Newton, MA, use my list.  It’s a great list.  It also comes with great resources of websites to keep you learning, reading and having fun.  Please see Capability Mom’s post on that!  I have to hightail it to the library the next town over to get books for my kids!

For another great comprehensive list of books, please click here for More Summer Reading Lists from Lots of Libraries.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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