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Fun Way to Learn Parts of Body in Spanish!

I really like Spanish Playground which is a blog for learning Spanish that is geared for children. I wanted to share a recent post on Playing Simon Says in Spanish as a fun way to teach parts of the body.  The words including verbs are on the blog.

This is is from Spanish Playground but please check out the blog to see the accompanying video:

Simon Says, or Simón dice in Spanish, teaches children words for body parts and can also teach common Spanish verbs and other vocabulary. The person who is “Simon” should do the actions as she calls them out. If the children are not sure of the Spanish, they can see the action and it clarifies the language. Children quickly learn the Spanish commands and can take the role of “Simon” too.

There are several ways to give commands in Spanish. One common structure is to use the infinitive, or base form, of the verb.  This is a good choice when playing this game with Spanish language learners because it is grammatically correct when speaking to a group or to one other person (other command forms change).  Also, children hear and learn the Spanish infinitive, and it is easy for them to produce correctly when they take the part of “Simon.”

To say “touch” use the verb tocar. For example:

Simón dice tocar la cabeza.     Simon says touch your head.

Simón dice tocar la naríz.        Simon says touch your nose.

Simón dice tocar el pie.            Simon says touch your foot.

This is a great game for teaching verbs.  Here are some that you can act out playing this game:

Simón dice…

correr – run

comer – eat

dormir – sleep

beber – drink

leer – read

escribir – write

saltar – jump

cantar – sing

aplaudir – clap

Verbs can be combined with body parts to make other instructions.  Try these:

Simón dice:

cerrar los ojos – close your eyes

abrir la boca – open your mouth

lavarse las manos – wash your hands

lavarse los dientes – brush your teeth

poner las manos arriba – put your hands up

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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