Oh, The Places You’ll Go with this App eBook!

Go Places with Oh, The Places You’ll Go Dr. Seuss App for Kids

I must say this a lot but I LOVE Oceanhouse Media’s iPhone and iPad apps.  They have the exclusive license for Dr. Seuss and they do a bang up job every time to make a classic even better by adding INTERACTIVITY!  All the Dr. Seuss iPad and iPhone apps let you click on a picture and have the word float from the text to the image.  And the narrator says the word.  It’s a great feature for teaching little ones word recognition, plus it’s fun!

I must confess that I am a great lover of Dr. Seuss and I’ve heard of Oh, The Places You’ll Go such that I actually thought I had read the book.  But, in fact, I had not.  I read the iPhone app the other day while waiting for my elementary school pick up — I like to get there 15 minutes early to clear my head and get a good parking space– and realized why this is the perfect gift for anyone in a transition mode.

This book speaks to kids but also to tweens and teens.  And twenty somethings.  And thirty somethings also.  And strangely, it’s perfect for adults in a mid-life crisis.  In short, it’s a story that gets better and better as you read it while growing long in tooth.  And, I think, the older you are, the more you appreciate this book.

As an iPhone app, the book is long.  That is because the good Dr. Seuss is dispensing advice on what happens when things go well as well as when things don’t go well (which is probably more likely, particularly in this 1.5% GDP economy of ours — adjusted for stimulus package, of course).  But the portability of the app plus the lower cost of the app compared to the book outweighs the length of the app in my mind.

In short, give this book or iPad/iPhone as a gift to anyone:

  • Graduating from elementary school through grad school.
  • Particularly great for new college graduates as they face a tough row to how trying to get a job in this economy.
  • For anyone starting a new enterprise, whether it is to return to school or start a business.
  • For anyone facing adversity.
  • For anyone leaving or starting a new job.

It would make a nice gift paired up with the actual book (pop up or otherwise), and the graduation set is perfect for those going off to college.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Photina

    I have had this and other Dr Seuss apps on my iPod Touch and both my children and I love them.

  2. Melissa

    Wow- I didn’t even know they HAD Dr. Seuss apps! I’ll have to look at this!

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