Telling Time App for Kids

How to Tell Time Math App for Kids

My Mom Friend in Boulder, Colorado asked for iPhone apps for elementary school kids that were education and fun.  She just got back from a family vacation so I’m sure her iPhone was fought over during the long flight.

As for iPhone apps that are purely fun, I will consult my 5-year-old who is spending inordinate amounts of time downloading and playing iPhone apps.  He’s still learning to read, but he’s figured out FREE, or at least “fee” which is close enough because I make him pay me for any apps he downloads that are not “fee.”

I have noticed that learning to tell time is tricky business.  My 5-year-old can tell analog time to the hour and half hour most of the time, but sometimes needs reminders of what number to say when the hand is between numbers.  And the concept of 60 minutes = 1 hour is not intuitive at all.  Or even, that hours 1 to 12 repeat again.  I’m not sure who came up with the loopy analog clock system, but they must have also dreamed up the U.S. systems of measurements!

So, while Learn to Tell Time is not wildly fun as there is not crazy thumb action involved, but has layers of difficulty so it’s actually worth the money.

  • There is telling analog (clock face) time to the hour and half hour.
  • There is elapsed time — how much time from one clock to the other (which is great for 3rd/4th graders!)
  • There is time after (which is a mini word problem to boot!!!):  What is the time 1 hour and 30 minutes AFTER the time shown on clock.
  • And, of course, time before (which is another mini word problem).

There is NOT conversion of digital to analog time.  Oh well, you can do that at home in a different way.  If you can get your kids to play this game it really will teach them analog time.  I think ways to enhance the “fun” aspect is to let kids compete for correct answers.  For my kid, they can play at different levels and compare correct answer percentages. Another incentive is to try to get the high score …  that always seems to be motivating!

Available at iTunes.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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