iReward Chart app to track Summer Goals

Reward Chart App for Kids

I got this from iReward Chart iPhone/iPad app many months ago and I didn’t use it.  I hadn’t really figured out this whole reward/allowance thing yet.  A Mom Friend with a M.B.A. who is really on top of all things financial said that she paid the child’s age in allowance each week in exchange for a short list of chores:  make bed, keep room clean,  put away your folded clean laundry, and clear your own dishes.   With this money, the child saved some, spent some, and gave some to charity.  The allocation was left to the child’s discretion.

But for some reason, this wasn’t working very well for me.  My kids only clean their rooms sporadically.  I wasn’t keeping track of their chores daily; it was one more thing to do.  Better to remember the correct time for pick ups than if one of my kids failed to make his or her bed.  Frankly, I’m not much of a bed maker myself.  Seems like a wasted effort that has to be redone over and over with not much upside to it.

Anyway, suffice it to say that the rooms were not too clean to warrant allowance on a regular basis, and the chores definitely take a back seat to homework, practicing, and sleep.  Keeping track of things on my iPhone seemed like another thankless chore.

And then I had a revelation.  First of all, it’s summer (or very soon, just one more half-day of school to go).  I do have a short list of summer goals for my kids that include:  practicing their instrument, cleaning their room, making their bed, caring for the new puppy, and doing their math supplementation.  And my kids are awfully comfortable appropriating my iPhone so they will have no problem using the App to track their achievements!

So, today I used the iReward Chart (the free one is good for 1 kid and I have 3 so I used the one you have to buy) to program in my goals, and next week we shall see how it goes.  I was impressed by how easy it was to use and how the tasks and rewards are laid out in abundance yet there is also an option also to add your own.  I guess not everyone is making their kids do math this summer; it was not a menu item!

The iReward Chart app is $4.99 at iTunes or if you have only one child, the free app is perfect for you!

To examine this app in iTunes, please click on icon.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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