Meet My Friend, Capability:Mom, A Mom’s Guide to Everything

Meet Capability:Mom

I wanted you to meet my good friend, Capability:Mom, who is many things to me including my neighbor, my mother’s helper’s mother, my mother confessor for my mom crimes, my compadre in blogging as a founding member of my blogging group, and my dear friend.

As a would-be blogger this past January, she upped and started a blog of her own and what a fine blog it is!  Funny, smart and informative.  She covers a gamut of topics from cooking — she’s an excellent cook and baker, check out her Rainbow Cake — to YA Literature, to politics and parenting.

I enjoy her posts as much as her company and I can clearly hear her voice in her posts:  funny, smart and informative.  Please check her out and enjoy the eye candy of Rainbow Cakes everywhere which she has been obsessing over for the past few months.  This fascination with crazy difficult feats of baking culminated in the gorgeous Rainbow Cake she made herself for her daughter’s birthday show shown above.  Hey, it impressed Martha Stewart!  And it wowed the rest of us!

Check out her posts on the famous Rainbow Cake first created by WhiskKid:

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Thanks for such a nice introduction, Pragmatic Mom! I am still slightly obsessing over the rainbow cake thing and may try it with fruit as the coloring agent.

  2. kate

    Wow, that rainbow cake is something else! Simply stunning! Off to find out just how in the heck she made that! 😉

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