What Boys versus Girls Need to Get a Leg Up

What Boys and Girls Need to Succeed; It’s Different!

The following tips come from an  old issue of Family Circle Magazine.

A Leg Up for Boys…

  • If your son is not getting enough gym time, sign him up for a sports class or exercise class.  This helps to curb restlessness and helps him to focus on learning.
  • Make sure dad has equal time in reading aloud to your son.
  • Instead of a video game, buy your son a magazine subscription.
  • Give your son a cool notebook, unlined for doodling.

A Leg Up for Girls…

  • Play math games — counting, multiplying fractions — while shopping, eating and traveling.
  • Provide plenty of exposure to science, taking trips to the natural history museums or participating in community projects like gardening or recycling.
  • Banish the notion of being “good” or “bad” at math.  Explain that persistence, not talent, is key.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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