Thanks God, for Mommy Prayers, A Mother’s Day Gift Idea for All Moms!

Mommy Prayers Makes Moms Laugh

Dear God, thank you for Mommy Prayers because when I read this book, I laughed so hard I accidentally spit out part of my lunch.  Thank you for Tracy Mayor because she’s a mom friend of my mom friend at work and I want her to be my mom friend, too.  

Apparently we both have run into the same “Valium mom” at the playground:  Prayer at the Park (she’s really blonde, right?  With two blonde boys that push your kid off the ladder?  Yeah, I’ve seen her around too!)  I want to run into Tracy Major at the Park with the “Valium Mom” — my nickname, not hers — and talk trash about that mom to her! Tracy’s book makes me able to ‘fess up my mommy misdeeds, and normally I only do that with Capability:Mom.

I was too embarrassed to tell even her about the time I threw my son’s DS and broke in on purpose.  Well, it was because his dad was gone on a four day golf trip with buddies and I was really, really tired.  My son had 9 hours of screen time and when he finally shut off his DS, he threw it at my head.  Apparently I have anger management issues.  Or impulse control problems.  Or both.  Because my husband’s watch also fell into a bad way after I “on-purpose” threw in on the ground.  A few times.  No more watches as presents! Mommy Prayers also let’s me relive those precious but sleepless days with infant and toddler.  Both sets of infant and toddler.  Then preschooler, toddler and infant. Those were hard days.  But also precious memories were born of those days.

Now I remember how desperate and impossible a shower was back then.  And the stress of making the preschool pickup on-time.  And the “biting incidents.”  Actually, most of her book.  But now it’s funny.  It wasn’t so funny then.  But maybe it’s funny because Tracy is so funny.  BINGO, that’s probably it. And God, please let Mommy Prayers be a runaway success.  Like Oprah big.  Because I really, really, really want more books from Tracy.  And she’ll have more time to write if this book goes NY Times best seller for 20 weeks big and she can quit her job.  Thanks God.

And one more thing, God.

Can you get all the dads to buy this for their wife for mother’s day?  It’s just around the corner, and every mom who has raised an infant and toddler deserves to read this book.  We all could use a good, deep chuckle and feel satisfied that we were not the only ones struggling.  And now we can laugh about it because we’re finally getting sleep. Thanks God!  And thank you, Tracy Mayor, for Mommy Prayers!

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If you want to steer your kids or husband to buy this book, you can have them click on the image of the book.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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