The Lorax by Dr. Seuss ebook App

Dr. Seuss eBook Apps Are Wonderful!

I can not rave more about OceanHouse Media’s Dr. Seuss iPhone app books and iPad app books. They really get it. The ebook is a different medium than a print book and therefore should have different — ENHANCED — functionality that truly makes it a different, and yes, possibly better, experience than a traditional book. Of course, that is not to say that a snuggle-up-bedtime-book can never be replaced, and you probably wouldn’t snuggle up with your child at bedtime on your iPhone reading your ebook (unless you are on vacation and ran out of good reading material), but maybe with an iPad you would.

Anyway, I digress. I love, love, LOVE The Lorax. What is not to love? Right? This and Avatar. We all should be passing down an environmental warning message to ourselves and certainly to the next generation. And this is THE classic for that. And now it’s an eBook for your iPhone or iPad and again, the good folks at OceanHouse Media have done a superlative job!

Why I like their Dr. Seuss iPhone and iPad apps/ebooks so much:

  • They understand that interactivity is fun and educational.
  • Each eBook page has text that lights up as each word is read. This helps with emerging literacy!
  • The pages have animation such that pictures zoom in or out as the words are read. This is the equivalent of when the teacher pauses and passes the book, opened, across the circle of children so everyone can see the picture.
  • Each page is interactive; if you touch screen an image, a word floats FROM the text over to the image. Great for emerging literacy AND fun to do!

The Dr. Seuss Senders is another fun application that allows you to send cards via email to your friends. There are 100 cards and quotes from various Dr. Seuss classics. It’s a cute way to thank someone or send a quick note of appreciation to a colleague.

To purchase these apps, go to iTunes store or click on the image to buy directly from OceanHouse Media.

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I am a little embarrassed by how much I have posted on Dr. Seuss. I did not realize it was so much! He’s awesome!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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