Feed the Hungry: By Playing Games

Feed Hungry by Playing Games

I got an email from a Mom Friend of mine.  Her Socially Conscious Middle Schooler asked her to email her friends to get the word out that by playing this game, food will be donated to the hungry around the world.    I am so impressed that Middle Schoolers realize that they, too, can change the world.  And, in fact, the future lies in their hands.  So, please read her email below and play away!

Feed The Hungry

-By receiving this email you now know that: – wfp.com (World Food Programme) has the real facts about the hungry children and adults of the world.

– by playing FreeRice on freerice.com can and WILL help people have meals. One correct answer donates 10 grains of rice to a hungry child…. For free!

-At freeflour.com 1 spoon of flour for every correct answer will be donated going towards a loaf of bread.

– At thehungersite.com one click can donate 1.1 cups of food to the hungry. The sponsors of this website donate the money which is also donated to the hungry.

– At searchkindly.com 1 search can donate 1/3 of a cent. Not a lot, but when 1 million people visit each day, $12,000 will be generated. Use this search engine instead of Google, this search engine is also run by Google. -Watching “A Billion For A Billion” will change the way YOU think about World Hunger. It will change the way you think you can help. -By playing these games you will be helping a hungry child by playing a game. This game will give them dinner,  maybe not tonight but maybe tomorrow. -YOU CAN HELP END WORLD HUNGER!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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