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Best Books to Train Your New Puppy

I just told my neighbor up the street that we don’t see that often that we are getting a puppy.  She said, “I know, your oldest already told me.”  News travels fast around my neighborhood.  Our kids had asked us repeatedly for a puppy for years.  Our ingenious reply, or so we thought, was to say that they could have a puppy when the youngest turns five.  But then he turned five, and immediately the pressure was on.

Of course, our youngest turns five in October and the thought of potty training a puppy in sub-zero weather was quite a deterrent for me and my husband.  We hate the cold!  So, we embarked on some puppy training family activities:  we started taping and watching The Dog Whisperer, a.k.a. Cesar Millan; we dog sat a few dogs; we visited pounds and pet stores, and we started reading lots and lots of books.

None of this activity deterred our kids in the least.  It turns out that they LOVE Cesar Millan.  They loved dog sitting and walked, fed and scooped poop without a murmur of complaint.  The pounds were fun to visit but the dogs were a little scary.  My son really gets along well with the rats, but I HATE rodents!  My middle child kept falling in love with chihuahuas but the one at the pound was never potty trained and liked to mark his territory indoors with his pee.  My husband didn’t like any of the breeds in the stack of books on dog breed that I brought home from the library.

But we all agreed on one thing;  we love this dog named Reggie that we dog sat.  We can’t have him so we did the next best thing.  We are getting a puppy from his relative.  The puppies are due next week and we will bring ours home in 8 weeks.  Wish us luck!  The one thing we learned from Cesar is that it’s not the dog that is messed up, it’s the humans.  And if we mess up our dog, we can’t afford to have Cesar straighten us out.  Apparently he’s $10,000 a day!

p.s.  This book was recommended by our breeder: Puppy Possibilities by Kathleen Goodman.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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