Dr. Seuss on iPhone as eBook: Better than the Book!

Best eBooks are Old Classics like Dr. Seuss

I just got an iPhone about a month ago and I’ve been struggling to figure it all out.  Who knew you can only send out emails from one email account even if two of your accounts are through gmail?  

But my kids are all over my iPhone and fight to play with it.  When I blogged on the good Dr. Seuss, I got an offer from the folks who have rights to the iPhone apps for Dr. Seuss.  It took me a while but I finally downloaded the books.  

I wasn’t ever that excited about Dr. Seuss’ ABC Book (note that it didn’t make my ABC book list), but I have to say it’s so much better on the iPhone.

Here’s why:  the voice that reads the book makes it better than me reading the book; there is animation (very slight) but makes the story exciting; and finally, the words light up one at a time as the narrator reads the book!  Excellent for brand new readers to learn to read!  

My son who is 5-years-old LOVES to read this book on my iPhone.  Another thing:  I was worried that the book would be hard to read on the tiny iPhone screen but not so!  Not a problem at all.  

My son loves to touch the pictures on each page; this makes the the word from the page change color and float over to the picture and the narrator says the word. This is a really nice feature for learning to read and is found in abundance on the ABC ebook and less so on the Grinch ebook.  

But I have to say that the Grinch book is great because it has that creepy English voice that is used on the animated movie that is so perfect for the story! There are two great camera apps for these books as well.  

My son is obsessed with taking everyone’s picture and then turning them into Grinch-like characters using The Grinch Camera App.  He taught the four-year-old boy next door yesterday.  

There is also the Dr. Seuss Camera App. for The Cat in the Hat. Now it’s a slippery slope to combine screen time with something education hence allowing and even encouraging it.  

We have had to wrestle my son off the computer/TV/DS/iPhone lately and I certainly don’t want him in front of a screen MORE.  But I have to say that I love these iPhonee books.  They are so well done they are ACTUALLY BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL BOOK!  Go figure!  

So…we are sliding down the slope ever so slowly! We haven’t read The Cat in the Hat as an iPhone app, but my son loves this book.  Can’t wait!  I sure I will be downloading it soon! p.s.  

Today my son’s preschool teacher was in the bathroom waiting for the long line of his classmates to make their way through the bathroom to brush their teeth, wash hands, or go potty.  

It’s a long wait because of water damage to school, there are 50 kids  and one working bathroom!  So he sees that his teacher, while waiting for the kids, is checking her iPhone because her older child is at home and that child texts her constantly.  

So my son says, “You have an iPhone?  I can get you some good games!”  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Here’s the link:  http://www.oceanhousemedia.com/products/drseuss/or you can buy through iTunes.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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  1. I’m the parent to two boys, ages 4 and 10. At times it has been a battle to keep the boys away from computers, video games, etc. However, when they are actually “learning” something it’s hard to argue. I do believe that apps of children’s books will likely be the future . . . especially with the introduction of the iPad next week. I foresee in the near future that all kids will be “reading” books electronically. Personally, I like having a book in hand, and will be sad to see their eventual demise. However, now that kids can “interact” with books . . . it takes reading to an entirely different level.

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