Chewy Jewelry for Orally Fixated Kids from Kid Companion

Chewy Jewelry for Orally Fixated and SPED Kids

My oldest daughter bites her nails.  It’s pretty bad actually because her nails are bitten down to nubs.  We’ve tried talking to her and putting band aids and the like but it didn’t really work.  So, I found this Chewy Jewelry from Kid Companion on Twitter and it’s a necklace you can chew on designed for special needs kids.  My daughter loves those fidgets also; the special needs kids in her class get them to help keep them focused and she’s always been jealous that she doesn’t get one to play with.

So, the nice folks at Kid Companion send me a sample and then there is this knock-down drag out fight between my two girls about who gets to wear and chew on the necklace.  Typical, right?  Because my middle kid always wins these fights, I moderated and gave it to my older one.  I also thought it might help her nail-biting habit.  She said she hasn’t bitten her nails for the past two days but while she wears the chewelry to school, she doesn’t bite on it at school (too embarrassing).  But the nice thing is that it really does look like jewelry!    She keeps it next to her bed and wears it every day.  I think it helps her to remember not to bite her nails.  I suspect this might help with thumb suckers also!  Please let me know!

Kid Companion is marketed for children with  Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) oral motor issues as well as youth affected by ADD/ADHD to help them focus.  It comes in a range of colors (yellow, green, blue, pink) and in two shapes (heart and circle).

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Did you know the name of that necklace actually is not “chewelry?” I believe its Kid Companions. This company is illegally using a Trademarked name of School Specialty Supply. Actual chewelry is much cheaper. I’m amazed the way they continue to align themselves with this well known product! It’s obviously getting them sales.

    • I’m sorry about that. That was my fault. I will correct the name on my blog posting. It wasn’t Kid Companion’s was solely my mistake. Sorry again! Pragmatic Mom

  2. Pierrette d'Entremont


    The tool is called Kid Companions Chewelry. School Specialty Supply does not have such a trademark and wouldn’t want to. The product you are speaking about is called Chew’lery Necklace/Bracelet, a chewable coiled plastic necklace and/or bracelet. An alternative chewable jewelry. Unfortunately, my child can’t wear it at school because it’s a strangulation hazard and she can’t be left alone with it to play! Other products out there are: “Chewlery Soft Star Necklaces” “Chewy Tube Necklace” “Chewable Jewels” “Teething Bling”

    I designed the Kid Companions Chewelry for my special needs child. It complies with ASTM toy standards and CPSIA regulations and I’ve spent the past three years working on it with other parents, children and occupational therapist. We don’t want to “align” ourselves with the coil at all. Kid Companions Chewelry came all on its’ own 🙂 I am a jeweler with a kinesiology background… Putting both together, along with a special needs childs = “hey this is chewelry” , not “chew’lery”.

    I hope that clarifies things,


  3. Raven

    I really love these but wish they were cheaper. Of course I usually wish that for the specialty products we seem to need to buy more and more for her care. They seem so much less noticeable than the medical tubing her school’s OT puts on her stuff. Are there plans to distribute them in the US?

  4. What a cool idea! I can always count on you for sharing something fun and interesting!

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