Best Produce To Buy Organic

What Organic Produce to Buy

I met MyGreenMoon on Twitter and asked for this list which happened to be handily on her blog.  I can’t seem to remember this list at the grocery store so it’s helpful for me to have it up.  Hope it helps you as well!


From MyGreenMoon (

So I have been on this new organic lifestyle thing for a little while now and I have to say I am really happy and satisfied with the choice to eating more organically. The more I have been eating organically, the more I have realized that there are some foods that are a lot better to eat organically. Many of the common foods we eat on a daily basis are exposed to chemicals and environments that we in turn eat. Everybody knows that it is best to get milk and meat organically, there must be better foods to eat organic. I started doing my research asking myself that questions and I came up with a startling list. So here, I present to you, the best foods to eat organic:

1. Peaches – usually multiple pesticides are regularly applied to these fruits
2. Apples – these fruits are typically grown with the use of poisons to kill pests, fungi, and insects. Scrubbing and peeling doesn’t get rid of the chemicals.
3. Sweet Bell Peppers – their thin skins don’t offer much of a barrier to chemicals and insecticides, which they are heavily sprayed with.
4. Celery – it has no protective skin making it almost impossible to wash the chemicals off
5. Nectarines – there can be up to 26 different pesticides found on these fruits
6. Strawberries – much healthier than conventional strawberries, especially out of season, when they are bought from countries with less strict regulations on pesticides
7. Cherries – those grown in the US are found to have 3 times more pesticide residue than imports
8. Leafy Greens – frequently contaminated with what are considered the most dangerous pesticides
9. Grapes – imported seem to be worse than domestic. Vineyards can spray grapes down with several types of pesticides
10. Carrots – in Europe the pesticides on carrots will be banned, not in the US. Go organic to avoid these

These are just several of the top foods that are the best foods to eat organic. Many times you do not know what you are eating, better not add harmful chemicals to that list of unknowns. Go Green, Stay Healthy.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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