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Craftwhack's Tangle Art Book GIVEAWAY! 3 Winners!

Craftwhack’s Tangle Art Book GIVEAWAY! 3 Winners!

I think my most of my readers are familiar with Jeanette Nyberg …

We’ve done a holiday shopping guide together for the past few years …

She’s my daughter’s Art and Design School independent college counselor

She blogs at Craftwhack (with previous blogs Artchoo! and Tiny Rotten Peanuts) …

She’s got impeccable taste for the coolest stuff on the planet …


She’s really funny and fun!

Now, not surprisingly, she’s the author of a BRAND NEW amazing and fun art book for kids and parents:

Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids: A Silly Book for Creative and Visual Thinking by Jeanette Nyberg Read more…

More Really Cool Science and Art Videos for Kids

More Really Cool Science and Art Videos for Kids

My son selected four cool videos from a slew for your viewing pleasure. I added some book suggestions. Like his video picks? Here’s more:

The Kid Should Really See These Videos!

Amazing Videos to Share With Your Kids

My Son’s Favorite Fun and Educational Videos

The Kid Should Really See This Videos

Flu Season Science for Kids

Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa Experiment (then and now)

Best Fun and Educational Videos for Kids (with matching book)

More Fun and Educational Videos for Kids

Coolest Star Wars Art Ever!

My son and I watched this and had the kind of reaction you get when watching an amazing fireworks display. Please watch the entire video as architect and artist Red Hong Yi has seven amazing Star Wars shadow art displays. She shines a beam of light from a specific position onto different shapes arranged on wires to get these effects!

Pair this with Tom Angleberger’s Origami Yoda series.

Read more…

Mosaic Paint Chip Art Project for Kids

Mosaic Paint Chip Art Project for Kids

I was fascinated by this video of artisans creating terra cotta tiles. It’s such an involved process to make a single tile, especially shaping each one. This makes me appreciate mosaic tile artworks much more!

Habibi Interiors mosaic tile Read more…

One Cut STEM Shape Fun

One Cut STEM Shape Fun

My son and I watched mathematician Dr. Katie Steckles cut a square with just one cut. This is an idea that dates back to 1721 in Japan: The Fold and Cut Theorem. My son was fascinated by the one cut idea so we decided to try it out ourselves. Read more…

Naruto, Guko drawings by 5th grade boy

Naruto Inspired Learning for my 5th Grade Son

NarutoMy son has always had his obsessions:

  • Age 3: Dinosaurs and Angry Birds
  • Age 4 and 5: Pokémon
  • Age 6: Bakugan, Ninjago
  • Age 7: Magic Cards, Minecraft, Mario Brothers Video Games
  • Age 9, 10: Minecraft, Dragonballz, Injustice Video Game
  • Age 1o and 11: Dragonballz, Naruto

naruto first coverRead more…

Civil Rights Movement Art #BlackLivesMatter

Civil Rights Movement Art #BlackLivesMatter

“One of the most extraordinary and least understood aspects of Dr. Martin Luther King’s leadership was his incisive understanding of the power of visual images to alter public opinion,” says Maurice Berger, standing in front of an oversize silk-screen portrait of the slain civil rights leader. from Smithsonian Magazine

In celebration of Martin Luther King, Junior Day, I’ve collected images from museum that I’ve been to of Civil Rights Movement art. What and how can art shape the Civil Rights Movement? I think you will agree that the powerful images convey a truth that resonates with viewers and packs an emotional punch that might bring a bystander into a fight for justice. Imagery can be powerful stuff.

Questions to ask kids:

  • What is your first reaction to image you see?
  • What is happening?
  • What elements seem real?
  • What do you think the artist is trying to convey?
  • What emotions are you feeling when you view the art work?
  • Do you emotions change the longer you look at it?
  • Why do you think the artist created this piece?

More questions to ask kids from Art Curator for Kids. Art Curator for Kids also has more Civil Rights Art here and here.

What do you think? What images do you like best from this collection? Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

p.s. I have some posts on books for Civil Rights Movement for kids here:

Civil Rights Movement  and MLK Books for 4th Grade

Top 10: Best Children’s Books on Civil Rights

(Meeting Ruby Bridges) Civil Rights Picture Book of the Day

The Problem We All Live With, Ruby Bridges in Norman Rockwell painting

The Problem We All Live With by Norman Rockwell, image from Norman Rockwell Museum

From Rhode Island School of Design Museum

Civil Rights photography by Danny Lyon Read more…

Arckit STEM architect toy for kids

ARCKIT: Architecture STEM Toy for Kids

ARCKIT: Architecture Design Toy for Kids


ARCKIT is a freeform model making system that does not require glue, yet it lets you design, build and modify these really cool modern houses. They simply snap together!

ArckitThis would be a wonderful building toy for a budding architect or just any kid that likes to build in 3 dimensions. There are finish details that you can choose such as wood flooring, terracotta tiles, stone walls and shingle aluminium to create your own vision.


My Son and Friends Build an ARCKIT

I asked my newly 11-year-old son if he wanted to build an ARCKIT and we looked at the designs together. His answer was a resounding, “YES! They are cool!” ARCKIT is recommended for kids ages 12 and up but younger kids with good fine motor and patience would enjoy this building kit too.
ArcKit: Architecture Design Toy for KidsRead more…

Easy Stop Motion Animation Using Flipagram

Easy Stop Motion Animation Using Flipagram

My son has loved dinosaurs since he was three and he made me read him nothing but dinosaur books for an entire year. He moved on a year later to Pokémon books and I missed the dinosaur obsession. I hoped it would reemerge and it does from time to time when new Jurassic Park movies come out.

stop motion animation

My son came back from the Jurassic World movie with his dad — I refused to go, the trailer terrified me — and immediately asked to spend his allowance money on Jurassic World legos. That’s an easy sell for me; it’s his money and it’s not screen time.

stop motion animation

After three days carefully assembling his new lego sets, I asked him if he wanted to make stop motion animation movies with them. I remembered the stop animation movies that MaryAnne of Mama Smiles made with her kids.

She used a Microsoft product called Movie Maker but I have a Mac. MaryAnne suggests using iMovie as a replacement but I have always had this wonky problem in iMovie of my clips not loading. Plus I find iMovie a little confusing to use. Instead, I suggest Flipagram, an app for smart phones. I use the free version. Read more…

How to Draw Faces Like a Renaissance Master

How to Draw Faces Like a Renaissance Master

How do you draw faces like a Renaissance artist? I turned to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for inspiration.

How to Draw Faces Like a Renaissance Master

This first piece in the da Vinci exhibit is actually by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio, a student of his, but Leonardo’s instructions to other artists on how to draw faces is still pertinent today:

The size of the mouth is a well-proportioned face is equal to the distance between the parting of the lips and the bottom of the chin.

The space from the middle of the nose to the bottom of the chin is half the face.

The space between the eyes is equal to the size of one eye.

Read more…