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Free Summer Math program

FREE Summer Math Program from TenMarks

My middle school principal is encouraging students to stay sharp in math by doing a great free summer math program through TenMarks that I wanted to share with my readers too!

TenMarks summer math program Read more…

Write First Read Later: Alien Writing Prompts for Kids

Write First Read Later: Alien Writing Prompts for Kids

Alien Writing Prompts for Kids

A reader asked me for summer writing ideas and I sent her all the links I could find. It made me think about what a challenge it is to get my own kids writing when they don’t have too so I came up with an idea of Write First Read Later: Writing Prompts for Kids. The idea is fun writing prompts and a book to go along with it either to inspire or just for comparison. This week’s Write Now Read Later is about aliens. I hope to get my son writing this summer too! Read more…

SAT Vocabulary Flashcards to Learn New Words

SAT Vocabulary Flashcards to Learn New Words

PickyKidPix just turned 13 years old and she’s quite the long-term planner. Because she intends to get a high score on the SAT test four years from now, she’s taken immediate steps to improve her vocabulary.

The first thing she did was sign up for Latin for 7th grade based on the assumption that Latin, with its roots and suffixes, will help her break down unfamiliar words.

She asked me how I scored a decent but in no way perfect score on my SAT 30+ years ago. I told her that I memorized a box of 1000 SAT vocabulary cards over one summer. It really worked for me; my SAT verbal score went up a whopping 600 points! One of my college roommates got similar results by memorizing the dictionary.
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Connecting Art and Science with Hokusai's The Great Wave

Connecting Art and Science with Hokusai’s The Great Wave

It’s amazing how a single piece of art can have a ripple effect, inspiring others all around the world and for many generations. Hokusai’s iconic blockprint The Great Wave is one of the best recognized works of Japanese art in the world.

The Great Wave by Hokusai, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Here are some of the spin offs from Hokusai’s The Great Wave

Couchabunga by John Cedarquist based on The Great Wave by Hokusai Read more…

Drawing Hands and Feet

How to Draw Hands and Feet

Grasshopper and Sensei eye drawingsMy daughter, Grasshopper and Sensei, wants to go to art school after she graduates from high school so I’ve been hard at work trying to figure out how that works.

Grasshoppper and Sensei XTreme Week at Mass College of Art

Step 1: Meet with a college counselor specializing in art colleges. She works with art college counselor, Jeanette Nyberg of Tiny Rotten Peanuts who attended Rhode Island School of Design. Read more…

Aquent HQ Boston

Our New Aquent Office is So Cool … (aka Can You Nap Here?)

A few readers had asked me to blog on my entrepreneurial experience so I posted on the history of Aquent and our culture of innovation. We were gearing up for a big office move; we had been at our old office for seventeen years and we needed more space.

The old office had four floors and the new office will have everyone together but that’s not the biggest difference. The new office is a “hoteling” space where no one has an assigned desk; instead the office is a series of “neighborhoods” that each person can wander into all day, as their needs change.

Aquent new office space

This is the new entry to the office. Welcome to The Pergola. All the plants are real! Read more…

Top Art & Design Colleges

Top Art & Design Colleges for Undergraduates

This is a list for my daughter, Grasshopper and Sensei, who wants to go to Art School but does NOT want to be a fine artist. I suspect she will end up doing commercial art, mostly because she dislikes working alone but, on the flip side, is amazing working collaboratively.

A Fairly Comprehensive List of Top Art and Design Colleges (but not Fine Art Schools)

So … I am not including Fine Arts programs that focus on students who want to exhibit in a museum or art gallery. My daughter also wants to go to Art School where she is pretty much in studio all day as opposed to liberal arts classes, so I have also not included liberal art colleges with great art and design departments. Read more…

Video Games for STEM Summer Learning

Video Games for STEM Summer Learning

I have been working hard planning my son’s summer and it’s a video game themed summer but I plan to sneak in math, computer science, art and reading. He’s 10-years-old and will be a rising 5th grader.

Why video gamed learning? My son is screen obsessed. It’s not unusual to find him in front of TWO not just ONE screens at the same time! He will watching a YouTube video while playing a video game, and sometimes they are not even related. When we tell him to stop, he will quite sweetly, “You should be glad I am multi-tasking mom!”

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Middle School Writing: How to Use the COMMA

Middle School Writing: How to Use the COMMA

PickyKidPix asked me to help her edit her English assignment last night. She said that she’s having trouble with sentence fluency which is bringing her grade down. I wasn’t sure what “sentence fluency” means but after reading her essay and helping her fix it, I’ve decided that I need to do a four part series to help her, and hopefully other kids too on:

Let’s get started on how to use the comma. I noticed that PickyKidPix’s first issue is that she just doesn’t the comma enough. I asked her if she reads her essay out loud to figure out pauses and she said that she did, but because she reads really fast, the lack of pauses sounds fine to her; hence she omits the necessary commas separating the descriptive phrases from the main sentence. That’s not good!

I’m pulling examples of where my daughter gets confused from Business Insider: 13 Rules for Using Commas Without Looking Like an Idiot. Read more…