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Bombadier Beetle Fun & Educational App for Kids

Bombadier Beetle Fun & Educational App for Kids

My kids think farting is extremely funny. I think they would love this interactive app about Luna, a Bombardier Beetle, with a unique talent. The talent of the toot! But first, some background on the Bombardier Beetle to put Luna’s talent into context.

 bombadier beetle

The amazing defense strategy of the Bombardier beetle! Read more…

The Haunting Hour

The Haunting Hour Show Scares and Entertains Tweens

Horror Television Show for Brave Kids, Preferably Tweens!

R. L. Stein, author of Goosebumps, has a TV show series that scares and thrills called The Haunting Hour on The Hub. My kids held a small party to preview the show and pronounced it scary but good. Read more…

Harnessing Your Creative Energy By Ignoring Your Email

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Brendon Burchard is the Anti-Dilbert, challenging us all to find The Charge (or spark or passion or whatever you want to call it) in our lives and careers. It has a spillover effect. You find the charge at work and are able to bring it home and vice versa. Read more…

Home Security System DIY Pragmatic Mom

Musings about Home Security Systems

Do You Need a Home Security System?

Do you ever wonder about the value of a home security system versus a sign that says you have a home security system? Read more…

Essay and Dissertation Writing Service as a Guide for Your Academic Success

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Dissertation Writing Service

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