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Immigrating to a New Country Picture Books & Kid Lit Blog Hop

Immigrating to a New Country Picture Books & Kid Lit Blog Hop

This collection of picture books shows some of the many ways people have immigrated in recent times to a new country including the United States. I have chapter books on immigration at the turn of century that our 4th grade uses and a book list of undocumented immigrants if you want to explore this theme further.

How about you? What immigrations books for kids do you recommend? Please share! Thank you!

Immigration Picture Books for Kids

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Picture Books for Kids Who Like To Build

Picture Books for Kids Who Like To Build

I’m glad that PickyKidPix knows how to use power tools. It started with woodshop in middle school, and then she progressed to assembling her own furniture from Ikea. The Ikea projects included a bed, desk, desk hutch, TV console and bed side table.

books for kids who like to build

This is the Mesopotamia Throne Project Inspiration Photo.

When it came time for her to figure out a school project, she and her partner decided to build a throne from Mesopotamia. They had to figure out how much wood and what size pieces of wood they needed. All my husband did was help them cut the wood to their specifications and drive the wood to school. After that, it was all them and some choice power tools.

Books for Kids Who Like To Build

This is the Mesopotamia Throne my daughter and her partner built. Power tools were expertly wielded. Read more…

Adventurous Dog Picture Book of the Day

Adventurous Dog Picture Book of the Day

I’m so happy that our Picture Book of the Day group is commencing again after a summer hiatus. We’ve started this week and it’s my turn today.

Hudson in Provence

I’ve selected three adventurous dog picture books for you today. How about you? What are your favorite dogs in children’s books? Please share! Read more…

Picture Books for Kids Whose Best Friend Moved Away

Books for Kids Whose Best Friend Moved Away & Kid Lit Blog Hop

It’s not easy when your best friend moves away. I found three picture books that might help a child in this dilemma but I’d love to add more books to this list. What am I missing? Thanks for your help!


Juna’s Jar by Jane Bahk, illustrated by Felicia Hoshino

Juna loves to take an empty kimchi jar and explore with her best friend Hector. One day when she goes to find Hector, she finds out that he’s moved away. Her big brother Minho tries to cheer her up by buying her a fish for her jar. When the fish gets too big, she and her brother plant a bean plant in her jar instead. When the bean plant outgrows her jar, a cricket makes the jar its home. Each offering to her jar also sparks her imagination with a wonderful daydream. When she finally is able to say goodbye to Hector, Juna and her jar make another discovery at the park that helps her miss him less. [picture book, ages 4 and up]

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Top 10 Diversity Dance Picture Books

Top 10 Multicultural Dance Picture Books

First you have to believe that it’s possible. Can a person of color become a professional dancer? These diversity dance picture books plant the seed … but not for my kids.

I could never coax my girls into dancing. My oldest did one year at the Boston Ballet School when she was four. I was thrilled. She seemed really great at it. I envisioned her gliding gracefully into years of ballet culminating in a small part in the Nutcracker. Instead, her ballet shoes got a tad small with just two classes to go before the summer break. I let her just dance in them. She promptly quit after that, saying that ballet hurt her feet.

Boston Ballet SchoolGrasshopper and Sensei’s first ballet class at Boston Ballet School.

I tried again when we moved to the suburbs. The ballet class included tutus, stuffed bears, sunglasses and a juice box break. “Open like a birdie,” they’d tell the kids before popping the straw into their mouths so the juice box wouldn’t spill. Neither the tutus nor the stuffed animals tempted my girls away from the wall where they stood and watched for over an hour each week. They would only participate for the juice box.

PickyKIdPix in soccer uniform and tutu

PickyKidPix messing around with a tutu that came in the mail with a picture book. She pairs it with her soccer uniform.

Even though my kids don’t dance, I’ve tried to include a picture book about dancing with reference to their Korean, Chinese and Japanese heritage. Who knew that this would prove to be so challenging? Did you know that modern gymnastics that you see in the Olympics has its roots in classical Chinese dance?!

It’s interesting that there are a plethora of ninja themed picture books but nary a ballet one with an Asian American character. Not even a minor one. It’s as if Asian American children don’t dance at all.

How about you? Do your kids like to dance or just read about dancing? My kids like watching kids dance as well via reality TV shows. Is there a better dance picture book about Asian culture that you like? Please share! Thanks! Read more…

Animal Friendship Picture Books & Giveaway!

Animal Friendship Picture Books & GIVEAWAY!

Please welcome Maria Gianferrari today who is making lists of her favorite books in honor of her debut picture book out next week! You might recognize Maria from blog comments here; she always has the best book recommedations!


Mia kindly agreed to participate in my blog tour to celebrate the release of my debut picture book, Penny & Jelly: The School Show, illustrated by Thyra Heder, which will be published by HMH Books for Young Readers on July 7th. Penny & Jelly: The School Show by Maria G.

In honor of my main character, Penny, who’s a list-maker, here are my Top 5 book recommendations pertaining to some of the book’s themes. Since Penny’s best friend is her canine companion, Jelly, these are some of my go-to picture books that highlight friendship. Read more…

18 Wonderful Picture Books about the Arab Nation

18 Wonderful Picture Books about the Arab World

When a country is at war, it’s easy to get a distorted view of the “enemy”. The media also plays a role in showing a certain point of view meant to stir the populace into support of their government backing the war effort. But this kind of distortion trickles down to oversimplifying things to a black and white point of view. That never does justice to the true situation and is a hurdle for our kids to overcome in order to get a more balanced world view.

One way to demystify the Middle East as religious fanatics bent on destroying the free world is to let them see the many, many stories of the Arab people, both past and present. This collection of picture books about the Arab nation attempts to gather up these stories so please help me out by suggesting you favorites! If we all teach our children that Muslim families are no different from ours, this might pave the way for a generation that can find a way to figure out world peace. Thank you!

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Stunning Bug ABC Picture Book

Stunning Bug ABC Picture Book of the Day

Today I have two beautiful ABC books that feature photographic images. It was hard to choose one for the Picture Book of the Day but in the spirit of summer exploration, I had to go with The Alphabet of Bugs. Here’s hoping that your kids will discover some insect gems from this book in your garden (but not your house!). Read more…

17 Wonderful Multicultural Picture Books About Food

17 Wonderful Multicultural Picture Books About Food

My favorite way to learn about other cultures is through food. It can be intiminating to cook a new ethnic cuisine for the first time, so consider this list a menu of sorts to decide if there is anything you want to make at home. What wonderful multicultural picture books about food did I leave out? I’d love your favorites! Please share! Thanks!


Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto and Ed Martinez

One of my best friends growing up in Southern California is half Mexican and I would go to her house after opening presents at my house to eat tamales that her family purchased. Soon, my whole family would join me. My friend’s parents didn’t mind. I always heard that tamales are a bit tricky to make and I have always purchased them and steamed them at home.

In Too Many Tamales, Maria and her family make tamales for Christmas but she tries on her mama’s ring even though she’s not supposed to and loses mama’s diamond ring in the masa dough. Before mama finds out, she must get the other kids to help her eat the 24 tamales to locate the ring. It’s a lot of food but no ring appears. Did someone accidentally eat it? When Maria goes to confess to her mother, she makes a happy discovery … and now they need to make more tamales! [picture book, ages 4 and up]


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