Ways to save on gifts for your children

Ways to save on gifts for your children

Ways to save on gifts for your children

Whether it is for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, or just a good pick-me-up for a rough week, gifts are one of the best ways to show a child in your life how much they mean to you. Sadly, many shy away from such offerings because of budgetary restraints. If the cost of gifts for children has kept you from purchasing presents for the children in your life, then you will appreciate the following tips on how to save money while still getting popular gifts.

Ways to save on gifts for your children

1. Use Discounts

For many, the idea of clipping coupons seems like an antiquated ritual that belongs back in the 50’s where it came from. That is simply not the case. Many big retailers have continued to offer discounts on their items through the use of such. A lot of these businesses even continued to utilize modern technology to offer and deliver these discounts.

Mamma.com, for instance, is a brand of high quality children’s clothing and toys that routinely puts out these kinds of promotions in many forms for their adoring fans to utilize. Some of these forms are offered by many stores:

•Papers: Magazines, newspapers, and other such print sources with the traditional bar code.

•E-mail Discounts: When you sign up for the newsletter club, many brands will send you discounts that are just for those in the mailing list.

•Internet Promo Codes: You can get your shopping done online while still getting the benefit of saving a lot. You simply fill your e-cart, and then enter the code in the prompt box before purchasing your items. These offers can be for free items, percentages off, static amounts to be deducted, and BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offers. They can be found on the retailer sites, or on sites that work hard to collect such saving devices from all over the Interwebs.

This is the most helpful for the working mothers out there. If you are crunched on time and money, but still want to give your children great presents, then this tip and these sites can be very helpful.

2. Shop the Sales

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for your own children, nieces and nephews, or simply neighbor children that you have taken a liking to. The fact is that the moments for gift giving tend to come around in cycles. You know when these moments will be, so there is no reason to wait until the last minute to purchase items. Shop the sales and create a small stash of toys, clothing, and other items that you know these children will love. Some of the best times to find sales are as follows:

•After Christmas
•Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday
•Change of Seasons

Promo codes at Toys R US will help you to save money and will ensure you are never caught unawares when gift giving moments come around.

3. Offer Experiences

Sometimes, what children want most is not things, but rather, experiences. Instead of looking for clothing and toys, try to look for discount tickets to zoos and aquariums. Take them out to a restaurant. Offer to host a fun movie party at your place. Not only will these experiences bring some long-lasting memories, but they can also be purchased at steep discounts if you know where to look. The same sites that offer great deals for your favorite brands will have some codes for local eateries and businesses.

4. Ask Them

A lot of people don’t want to ask children what they want because they fear that it will give away the surprise of the offering. If you have been caught up in this mistaken idealism, then you should know that most children love being asked what they want for Christmas and birthdays. How does this save you money? It turns out that most children want far less than we realize, and the items they do want are rather small in nature. Have a fun conversation with the children in your life, and while you are at it, get some great ideas of what small, but significant gifts you can offer.

5. Think Electronic

The Electronic Age is in full swing. Most of the kids out there are better at navigating the virtual world than you are. This means they have many devices at their fingertips to use for learning and entertainment purposes. When it comes time to give gifts, think about these electronic devices. Apps, covers, and other accessories would be well received, and are generally quite cost effective.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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