Really Cool Science Videos for Your Kids Curated by My Son

Really Cool Science Videos for Your Kids Curated by My Son

My son and I watched dozens of videos from The Kid Should See This to find our four favorites:

  • Watch how plants explode their seeds.
  • If you play soccer or basketball, you’ll love this video on backspin called the Magnus Effect.
  • I want a tree liks this: a tree with forty kinds of fruit! It’s an edible artwork!
  • Can you make a cloud in your MOUTH? You can! Just watch!

How Plants Explode Their Seeds

The photography of plants exploding their seeds is mesmerizing! Nature is amazing! This is the plants’ strategy for spreading its seeds. Check out the squirting cucumber, the violet and the touch me nots!

The Power of Backspin: The Magnus Effect

You have to go to Tasmania to do this experiment yourself and you’ll probably lose your basketball. But look where the basketball lands with and without a bit of backspin! Ask your child to predict what will happen and then prepare to be amazed! And you’ll learn about the Magnus Effect as well.

A Tree That Grows 40 Types of Fruit

It’s art and science. After watching this video, I want a tree like this in my yard and now I’m fascinated with the process of grafting too.

How to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth

My kids learn all about clouds in 5th grade. This is a way to make cloud science fun!

Really Cool Science Videos for Your Kids Curated by My Son

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. These are REALLY cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing these awesome science videos! So happy to see more folks promoting STEM to children! 🙂

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